Some of these review were sent directly to me but I also have reviews on other third-party sites which are verified and cannot be altered by me.  I’m going to post them here, so that you can read them and I will also put a link to the site so that you can see that they have been verified.  I hope this will help you get to see what other clients have to say about their therapy experiences with me.


Reviews received

On Thumbtack.com

  • For Hypnotherapy on August 28, 2013.

    5/5 stars

    Susan French is a God send! She is kind, empathetic, patient and her warm soothing voice is perfect for her chosen profession of hypnotherapy. Sh helped me right from the first session and I am back for more!

    You responded: Thank you so very much for your kind words, Tracy.

  • For Hypnotherapy on August 22, 2013.

    5/5 stars

    “When I first called Susan I felt like my life was so toxic that I would die. I Susan helped me to zero in on how the toxicity in my life: alcohol, smoking cigarettes,and general negative thinking were not my fault but neither was I powerless to overcome them.

    Susan helped me to see the how these behaviors stemmed from the trauma I lived through as a child and that I could rise above them by understanding the reasons why I hid behind the alcohol.

    As I came to understand these connections, I was able to acknowledge and accept the behaviors without blaming myself. The hypnosis we did made it so much easier to find that inner peace and self acceptance that the need to drink and smoke seemed to melt away without effort.

    I was able to stop drinking for the first time since I was 15 years old. I also quit smoking. I learned to use self-hypnosis to reinforce and recreate this calmness when needed so that the cravings disappeared..

    Susan taught me how to love and accept myself as I was. That I had worth and value.. She taught me how to have compassion and understanding for myself so that I could begin to lay a new foundation for healthy self-regard.

    I learned the how to take care of myself and my own emotional needs instead of draining myself by constant people pleasing.

    I felt instantly connected with Susan as she shared her own journey in this battle of drowning self-hatred in alcohol and how she found her own inner peace. I felt she understood me and that helped me to accept and love myself.

    The compassion she showed me enabled me to have compassion for myself. It was as if she walked alongside me on my journey. I felt heard, acknowledged, understood and accepted for the first time in my life.

    My thinking began to change. I saw reality more clearly and without self-judgement.

    I remember it was like a lightening bolt hit me when I realized I could make choices about alcohol, my mind and way of thinking. It became easy make better choices and easier to forgive myself when I made a mistake.

    I found myself more able to pause and think before jumping into familiar self-destructive situations. I learned how the emotional side of the brain and the logical brain worked in my behavior.

    I learned how the emotional brain could disconnect from the logical brain and cause me to operate on raw emotion. As I learned about that phenomena called Emotional Hijacking so that I could navigate back to logic when emotion took over.

    I learned was meant by the saying “when the student is ready the teacher arrives”. I was ready and thank God I found her.

    You responded: Thank you so much Kim. It was a pleasure to work with you. To your success always. Susan

  • For Hypnotherapy on August 21, 2013.

    5/5 starsRespond

    Susan is tuned in to my specific needs and is very responsive to personalizing our sessions to ensure success. She is experienced, qualified, and caring.

  • For Hypnotherapy on June 23, 2013.

    5/5 starsRespond

    When I started going to Susan, I was at a pretty low point in my life. I was very unhappy in my marriage and would start drinking wine quite heavily every evening while I was cooking dinner. My husband would make very hurtful remarks at times and it would send me into a very deep dark hole. A glass — really, several glasses of wine would make things a lot better. After several years of this, I realized that I had to stop the drinking or I would do permanent damage to my health, plus I didn’t want to waste my life like this. I went to a hypnotist before Susan, and she only made things a lot worse and I started drinking a lot more.

    Finally, I found Susan. After the first session with her, that week I never touched a glass of wine, although I did have my cravings for it. The cravings began to taper off and the desire for a glass of wine was gone. I did not want to drink any longer and could even pass the wine display at the grocery store and not want to pick up a bottle.

    Susan helped me control my thoughts so that I would not sink mentally into that deep, dark hole. She taught me how to bring myself up mentally so that I could be happy. I also expanded my world to where I would smile or say hello to different people that I met while I was out and about. When my husband would make a cruel remark, from somewhere inside me a very clever and insightful response would come out of me that would amaze me. Often times he would stop and not know quite how to respond. I also started sticking up for myself, not putting up with his bullying. When I handle him now, it is not as a victim but with control of myself. I have gained a lot of strength, thanks to Susan.

    It has been over a year now since I have been back to see Susan and I still have no desire for any kind of alcohol. Sometimes when we are out to dinner, I do have a glass of wine with my dinner and I enjoy it. After that, I don’t even think about having a glass of wine and do not even desire to have it in my house. The desire is gone and so are those dark feelings. Although my husband is better than he was, my marriage is still not good and it is something that I am going to have to handle. I have gained the strength that I do feel I can handle and resolve the situation. I would also like to mention, that while working with Susan I did loose the weight that I wanted to. I had a great many benefits that resulted from my work with her, and I will always be very grateful to her.

  • For Hypnotherapy on June 1, 2013.

    5/5 stars

    Before beginning session work with Susan French, my anxiety disorder had paralyzed me with fear, robbing me of my ability to function. Insomnia had robbed me of my strength and I could no longer run (one of my biggest passions). Through Susan’s open, compassionate approach to therapy and her expertise in the field of hypnosis, I’ve regained my life. My personal preference was to avoid any type of medication, and because of Susan’s help, I have been successful in that. I now sleep through the night, am back to running 50 miles a month and I’m working on writing my second novel.

    My anxiety will never leave me completely, but Susan has given me many invaluable tools in which to manage that anxiety and not allow it to rule my life. She has forever changed my life and I cannot thank her enough. My husband, close friends and animal companions thank her too. icon smile Testimonials

    You responded: Thank you so much, Aimee. As I’ve said many times, you deserve at least half the credit for your recovery.



    avatars27 Testimonials

    Joined 7 years ago

    June 26, 2006

    Fear of Flying?. I wish it were that easy! I was absolutely terrified to fly. A 30-minute phone call changed my life.

    Normally I would find excuses why I could not go on business trips. This April (2006) however a series of trips became necessary because of problems in our Ohio facility and I was the only one with the expertise to handle the situation.

    I panicked and almost quit my job of 35 years. I am extremely sensitive to alcohol and tranquilizers so I could find no help there.

    Then I remembered my friend Susan French is a Certified Clinical HypnoTherapist. I am a skeptic about the benefits of hypnosis, but I had nothing to lose.

    So I called Susan and she ‘talked’ me through my irrational fear in a 30 minute phone call.  She knew exactly what to say and she has a beautiful, calming voice that touched my soul.

    I will never forget that call – I flew several days later and was fear free. It was wonderful and I have made 5 more flights without incident.

    I traded my fear of flying demon for a guardian angel name Susan.

    Susan, thank you very much, your friend Robert C, Van Nuys, CA”




    avatars33 Testimonials

    Joined 7 years ago

    June 10, 2006

    very understanding. Very understanding with deep insight into causes of my depression and frustration. She is able to help me pull myself through those periods in my life. I go to her anytime I feel I need help and when we are done, I always feel relieved



    avatars64 Testimonials

    Joined 7 years ago

    June 09, 2006

    a satisfied client. Susan French has been such a big help to me. She’s an excellent therapist and hypnosis is very powerful She helped me weave through my problems helped me find workable solutions.



    The reviews following were gathered from various emails to me from clients.


“Thanks so much. I’ve been trying to quit smoking for 12 years and now I am a HAPPY NONSMOKER.” I lost the desire to smoke—it was so easy.”

-G. Taylor, Minneapolis, MN


“I was desperate about my weight. It kept climbing and climbing, especially after the birth of my two children. With Susan’s help, I discovered the emotional reasons that I over-ate. A good strategy plus hypnosis made it easy. I have now lost 55 pounds.”

-B. Curley, Van Nuys, CA


“I was so terrified to get up in front of a group of people to speak that it was holding me back in my job. Hypnotherapy was a godsend.”

-T. Jacobsen, Palo Alto, CA


“When I become pregnant, I had to stop smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking pain medication for a back injury. I didn’t know how I was going to manage. My mood swings and fatigue were almost unbearable. With the help of clinical hypnosis, I was able to stop smoking and drinking and manage my pain. And, it reduced the need for medication during labor and delivery. I’m so grateful”.

-J. Baker, Midlands, UK


“My 12-year old was diagnosed with ADD and things at home were a nightmare. Hypnotherapy helped my son to calm down in school and at home. He’s doing well at school and we are able to use less medication.”

-C. Sheldon, Camden, NJ


“I have terrible insomnia when I travel which I do a lot. I can call Susan from anywhere in the world and have a calming session whenever I need it. I sleep like a baby no matter where I am, even on the plane. Thanks.”

-G. Torelli, Albany, NY


“During my bout with breast cancer Susan helped to alleviate the nausea as well as the pain and fatigue from the chemotherapy as well as the achiness and fatigue. We also had several sessions that helped me adjust to it all and come out the other side healthy and happy. Thank you so much, Susan.”

-C. Randall, Victoria, BC


“My blood pressure was uncontrollable as was my diabetes. Nothing seemed to help. The hypnosis and the therapy I did with Susan brought both under control and helped me to see how my own attitude and actions could be my own worst enemy. I’ve lost twenty five pounds and I walk religiously and happily.”

-W. Arrington, Atlanta, GA


“I was faced with a number of breast biopsies and subsequent surgeries. My hypnotherapy sessions with Susan rendered the biopsies painless and reduced a significant amount of anxiety for me. I had sessions before each surgery, making me much calmer and allowing me to be comfortable with far less medication. It was truly a blessing to have Susan’s help and the miracle of hypnotherapy.

-K. -Bernstein, Wilmington, DE


“My wife threatened to leave me if I didn’t get help for my out-of-control temper and refused to ride in the car if I was driving. I was outraged, of course, but with the help of hypnotherapy and Susan’s compassionate good sense, my temper tantrums are under control.”

-C. Goodman, Los Angeles, CA

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