Need Help With Anger Management?

Here are some specific examples of anger issues:

  • Do you lose your temper easily?
  • Have you taken your anger out on those you love?
  • Do you often react in anger only to regret your behavior later?
  • Does your rage sometimes scare people?
  • Have you been told that you need to consider anger management?

I'm certain that you already know that you are probably causing your loved ones to pull away and your friends and co-workers to distance themselves. I'm certain you feel remorse and regret, even guilt and shame after each episode. You want everyone back in your life, and you want to be in control of your anger, but you are probably absolutely lost as to how to slow down that out-of-control response.  It is easier to get your needs met if you can learn to ask in ways that aren't counter-productive. Hypnotherapy may be effective for learning to manage your anger.

Where Does All This Anger Come From?

Anger is a normal human emotion and everyone experiences it from time to time. If it becomes habitually out of control, it may be a symptom of an unresolved issue in your past, something that has caused you to build up a lot of frustration over time.

You may have tried to control your anger in the past by holding it in, but that will not work for you in the long run, and in fact may even result in more extreme angry outbursts which could be dangerous.

How Could Hypnosis Work to Reduce Out-of-Control Anger?

In psychological terms, out-of-control anger is called Intermittent Explosive Anger Disorder. In hypnosis, specific suggestions are given to turn down the mind/brain/body’s hyper-reactivity. Hypnosis desensitizes you to these triggers so that you begin to maintain a state of calm relaxation. Self-hypnosis reinforces this new response so that calm becomes your new norm.
In hypnotherapy, we retrain the brain to become less sensitized to every upset. We can learn to trigger a calm attack just as we can train ourselves to trigger an angry outburst. Hypnotherapy will help you remain calm so that you can communicate more effectively.

You owe it to yourself to get your anger before it gets you.

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How Hypnosis May Help With Anger Management

Hypnosis could put you in control of your anger. You may still experience anger and frustration during the course of your day, but you don't have to let it get the best of you. Hypnosis may allow you to:

  • release the unwarranted anger in your life
  • control the triggers that normally get you angry
  • develop a new sense of self-worth
  • make lifestyle changes that reduce your overall stress level
  • uncover and resolve past events that may be related

How many hypnosis sessions could be needed to gain anger control?

Most issues require four to eight hypnosis sessions for complete success. Of course, this varies depending on the particular issue, on secondary contributing factors, such as sleep distress and stress levels. What you CAN expect is noticeable positive change after the first session.

Learn how hypnosis may help you control your anger TODAY!

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