Your Initial Consultation

Thank you for booking your consultation with me!

While your initial consultation is a chance for you to ask questions and receive answers, that's not all you will get. The consultation is designed to prepare you for your subsequent hypnosis sessions with me.   During your consultation, we will explore together how I can best help you reach your goals.

I will also be able to learn about your past and current circumstances, as well as identifying any areas to work on that may hold you back.  Challenges are often multi-layered and this time helps me to create a roadmap for you to follow to reach your success.

There will not be any hypnosis involved during your consultation.  I want you to feel comfortable and safe.  There is no obligation to continue with sessions at all.  Your comfort with me helps make your hypnotherapy a success.

My Get Results hypnosis makes positive and lasting, easy to manage changes in your life. We will explore, in an easy to understand way, how your brain works in relation to your challenges.

I want to help you relax.  You may be new to hypnotherapy.  Maybe you wonder what hypnosis will feel like.  You may have doubts about how easy or how successful hypnosis can really be.

I am going to include some links to help answer some of your questions before your consultation:

Hypnosis FAQ

What Hypnosis Feels Like – Preparing For Your First Session