Are you Afraid of the Dentist?

Hypnosis may end dental fear.  Many others have benefitted from fear of dentist hypnotherapy. Does your fear of the dentist keep you from caring for your teeth? Are you too afraid of the dentist to make an appointment?  Or do you make appointments and cancel them.  Do you even have a dentist these days?

You are certainly not alone. However, that fear can be gone after a few visits. Many grateful dental patients have overcome  their dental fear using hypnosis.

Many people who afraid of going to the dentist have avoided their dentist for decades.  They may have severely damaged teeth in need of fillings, root canals or even extraction.  They may suffer in pain until a tooth dies and then breaks off, but their fear of going to see a dentist and get the necessary dental work prevents them from the most basic exam.  Hypnotherapy may relieve these fears and make a trip to the dentist no more difficult than a trip to the grocery store.

Do These Dental Fears Sound Familiar?

  • Do you suffer from a serious fear of the dentist?
  • Do you avoid or miss dental appointments month after month, year after year?
  • Has it been years since you saw your dentist last?
  • Do you avoid going to the dentist even if you are in severe pain?
  • Are you so nervous at the dentist's office that you experience physical symptoms – you start to sweat , feel light-headed or nauseated?

Dentist Terror? You Are Not Alone

You are certainly not alone. Millions of people feel exactly the same as you about going to the dentist. But as you already know,  this is not in your best interest! You should be getting dental check-ups every six months, and you're probably not even coming close to that. Your teeth and gums are no doubt in need of treatment, which could lead to further health problems, not to mention loss of your teeth.

Fear is a natural human instinct which can often protect us from danger. But your fear of the dentist is preventing you from receiving the treatment you need, which will eventually result in you needing more extensive treatment. You may even end up losing teeth.

Hypnotherapy May Help You Too

Don't live in fear.  Don't lose your teeth.  Book an appointment to eliminate that fear and give yourself the freedom to keep yourself dental-healthy.*

Why not book your free consultation now?  No pressure or obligation.  I'm happy to take the time to answer all of your questions.

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How Hypnosis May Relieve Your Fear of a Dentist

Hypnotherapy works to change your negative patterns of behavior by accessing your unconscious mind while you are in a deeply relaxed state, and making positive suggestions for change.

Many have found that hypnosis helps to reprogram their minds to remain calm and comfortable  when they visit their dentists. They have found themselves in control of those old racing thoughts that cause stress and have gained conscious  control over their old, fearful responses. They no longer experience the terror or resistance that dentist visits used to trigger. Call for a free consultation to see how hypnosis can help you to overcome your dental anxiety.

Imagine what it would be like to*:

  • make a dentist appointment without fear
  • go to the dental appointment with a complete feeling of calmness
  • relax in the waiting room without stressing out
  • sit in the dentist's chair and experience the session without pain or anxiety

How Many Sessions May BeNeeded?

Most people find relief in four to eight sessions.  You will receive a recording of your hypnosis after each session.  You can listen to that recording anytime you need  reinforcement.  You'll have it for a lifetime. Right on your iPod, smartphone or computer.

Why Hypnosis with Susan French?

Susan French has received specialized training in the elimination of panic attacks, anxiety, and phobias from several different excellent training institutions.

She received certification in Anxiety Relief from Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the American Hypnosis Association, and the National Guild of Hypnotists.  She also received certification in Elimination of Panic Attacks, Anxiety, and Phobia Using the Rewind Technique from the excellent teachers at Uncommon Knowledge in the United Kingdom.

When any response or behavior interferes with your functioning, your feelings of well-being or your quality of life, its time to take action. Do not let yourself suffer one more day!


Clinical Hypnotherapy May End Your Dental Phobia

You don’t have to live with this fear of dentists. Let Susan French help you overcome your fear of the dentist easily using hypnosis.*  You could feel comfortable and relieved to make those dental appointments and know that you are taking care of your health and your teeth!


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