Hypnosis is emerging as a fibromyalgia (FM) treatment. Some FM sufferers use hypnosis to master their minds, and their debilitating chronic pain. Hypnosis, according to research on hypnotherapy for FM, has been proven to be a successful new treatment for pain management.

Some treatments found helpful for the pain of fibromyalgia:

  • Hypnosis
  • Exercise. Regular exercise has proven one of the best treatments.
  • Regular sleeping habits. This is critical for reducing pain and improving energy and mood
  • Relaxation techniques.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Acupuncture or massage.
  • The Feldenkrais Method.

A little-known fact about pain is this: most of what we perceive as pain is not caused by the injury or disease.  Most pain is caused by the restriction or blockage of blood flow (hence: oxygen) to the painful area.  When muscles relax, blood-flow increases back to its normal level.  Pain is relieved.

When muscles relax, the blood-flow is restored.  Result: reduction of pain.  This is especially true for fibromyalgia, which is little-understood.  However, what we do know is that the relaxation of the muscles reduces pain levels.

The restoration of blood-flow also encourages restored nerve activity.  Reduction of perceived pain level.

Relaxation causes the release of serotonin, which in turn creates the release of endorphins: the body's own natural pain-killer.

Hypnosis can alter the pain signal messages from pain to a mild warmth or tingling or any other preferable sensation.  If hypnosis can make you forget a number or your name, it can make you "forget" your pain.  Pain reduction.

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Here's to your success,

Susan French