Many pro sports athletes use hypnosis for sports performance to gain the cutting edge.  Unlike performance enhancing drugs, hypnotherapy is legal, does not have negative side effects and taps into your natural abilities while deactivating limitations.

Hypnosis for Sports Performance May Get You To The Top Of Your Game

No matter what sport you play, using your mind can help you if you are:

  • In a slump
  • Doubting your own ability
  • Choking or getting nervous at crucial points
  • In a losing streak
  • Or simply underachieving

Since you are an avid sports player, what do you think the most important part of a playing a sport?  Is it mental or physical?  If you answered mental, you are right.  Sports players have an untapped source that can propel them to greater athletic ability and it is found right in their own mind.

Hypnotherapy May Help You In These Ways:

Imagine if you could:

  • Sharpen focus and concentration
  • Perform at your highest level of intensity
  • Break through new plateaus
  • Remain cool and calm under pressure
  • Achieve your goals

Every athlete has their bad days.  They will often say their head wasn't in the game.  But you could increase your odds of having very few bad days when you use sports imagery.

Sports Imagery May Be Everything To An Athlete

Whether you are a golf player or not, you've probably heard of Tiger Woods.  Tiger seemingly came out of nowhere to be one of the best golfers the sport has ever seen.  He explained that starting from a small child, he used mental imagery, a form of hypnosis, to become one of the greatest golfers of all time.

In Psychology Today, Jim Taylor writes this about the power of the mind in sports, One summer I took a course at a local college that introduced me to the power of mental imagery. I applied it to my sport as part of my final project for the class and then continued to use it throughout the following fall and into the competitive race season. The results were nothing less than spectacular. Doubt became confidence. Distraction became focus. Anxiety became intensity. From timidness came aggressiveness. From inconsistency came consistency. And, most importantly, from decent results came outstanding results.

Could you use improvement in any of these areas?

My special Get Results Hypnosis techniques may gives you complete control of your mental focus and emotional control.

How does Sports Hypnosis work?

Hypnosis enables you to align your body with your mental vision. Science has proven that your thoughts direct your body in many ways (if not all). What you create in your imagination becomes created in reality. There is no field where that fact is more apparent than in athletics.

You know the power of self-talk, positive and negative. You know the power of imagination: what the mind can imagine, it could create.

In fact, brain studies using MRIs have shown that the same exact points in the brain light up when imagining something as when really experiencing it.

Experiments have been conducted with football teams where one team practices all the plays physically and other team practices the plays mentally. The team that only practices mentally does as well or better than the one that only practices physically. Imagine what happens when both faculties are used.

Common techniques used in performance enhancing hypnosis:

  • Mental imagery
  • Mental rehearsal of success
  • Overcoming mental blocks and barriers
  • Positive self-talk and self-thought
  • Reinforcing self-belief, motivation and positive thinking

You know that nothing should come in between you and your goal when you’re in the starting position. But how do you achieve that? Hypnosis has been proven to provide the tool that helps you put it all together.

How many sessions could it take?

Most issues require four to eight sessions to reach desired outcomes.  Of course, this varies but most clients experience noticeable improvement after their very first session.  Schedule a free consultation to find out how hypnosis may help you improve your performance in any area of life: sports, school, relationships, stage-fright and much more

Improve your peak performance now


Celebrities and other professionals that use visualization training:

    • Tiger Woods
    • Jack Nicklaus
    • Michael Phelps
    • Muhammad Ali
    • Kevin McBride
    • Michael Jordan
    • Chris Evert
    • Chris Ulrich, professional motorcycle roadracer
    • Dick Gibbs
    • Houston Rockets
    • Seattle Sonics
    • Washington Bullets
    • Atlanta Hawks
    • Tricia Byrnes, champion snowboarder
    • Olympians
    • Australia, England cricket captain Mike Brearley
    • The Russian Olympics team is known to travel with hypnotists.

Use your unconscious mind for performance and training. You may overcome the barriers that prevent you from getting to that next level.

I offer a free evaluation where we see if you are a good fit for sports hypnotherapy.

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