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• If you need the best to relieve your suffering, you will want a master clinical hypnotist that specializes in a holistic approach to help you though the healing process.

• Struggling with weight loss? Your mind can help you lose weight quickly.

• If you are looking for stop smoking methods, my center will help you quit smoking.

• Many of my clients have been helped with anxiety, depression, their phobia, sleep and insomnia problems, relationships issues, performance, trauma, depression, ADD and OCD patterns.

• My specialized NLP helps the psychology of your brain get back on track.

If you don’t live near my hypnotherapy center in the Tarzana region, no problem. I offer distance hypnosis through online or telephone sessions. With my almost 20 years of experience, I have created my online sessions to be just as effective as my in office sessions. Because of this, the online sessions have become popular to even my local clients who don’t want to fight the US 101 or Ventura Freeway traffic.

NLP - Neural Linguistic Programming enhances results

Hypnosis removes old thought patterns that create your habits and replaces it with healthy new patterns.  All of this is done on the subconscious level.  NLP then goes and connects your conscious mind and subconscious mind to help relieve stress, negative behaviors, and increase happiness and vitality.

Hypnotherapy causes a scientifically recognized psychological phenomena – yet it has often been portrayed as black magic, a scam, and an embarrassing stage show.  This has caused many people to devalue the power in hypnotic trance for resolving many negative issues in life.

Hypnosis is built on specific communication cues (based on specific words, phrases and suggestions) to positively change a person's attitude, patterns, and behaviors.  

Most people are familiar with a deep state of relaxation where time disappears when they are watching television or driving in a car - this is called highway hypnosis.  Despite the popular belief that highway hypnosis involves a mental state, it doesn't.

This is not hypnosis.  Hypnotherapists will usually help people relax into a state similar to highway hypnosis or being engrossed in a movie, but remember, hypnosis is based on communication of specific words, phrases and suggestions.  Without this, this is not hypnosis.

Explaining the Psychology of hypnotherapy

Luke Chao gave one of the best explanations I have heard: what does hypnosis have to do with a ball? As a hypnotist, my job is to throw the ball to my client straight and narrow.  The client's job is to catch the ball.

With hypnosis, the hypnotist gives a suggestion (he throws the ball).  The client then accepts the suggestion (catches the ball).  Hypnosis is the ball in between.  There's nothing magical about the ball that will make the ball fall into the client's hands. If the client just hopes the ball is going to fall into their hands or they "try" to catch the ball, they will probably be disappointed. However, if the client makes every effort to catch the ball.  If someone decides that it is not whether it can or cannot happen (catching the ball) but it's what they're going to do to make it happen, then they will be thrilled with hypnosis and get every aspect of benefit.

I like to qualify my patients before we start.  If you want the best results for hypnosis, you need to be ready and willing for good, easy change to happen in your life.

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