Are you stressed out, have way too much to do in a day?

I would guess that many of us fall into that category, especially if we are responsible for the care and feeding of a family.

What can you do?  Give me thirty minutes of your time each day.  

Let me ask you: did your stomach curl up into a knot?  Did every cell in your body scream: "No!  Not on your life.  Get lost.  Hurrumphhh."

I truly understand because I've been there.  I'm still often in that place of having too much to do and not enough time to do it in...and sleep eight hours...and relax for a few more hours???

However, in my younger years, I was fortunate enough to have a physician friend of mine suggested that I learn Transcendental Meditation.

He and his physician wife and their two children had all learned meditation.  He said it saved their lives.  They were a very, very busy family.

Dr. Frank (DiTuri, now deceased) said that a lot of my problems were related to stress.  He showed me the medical data.  I was desperate.  So I went for the training.

Wow!  It really worked.  Even though I often only did one of the two 30-minutes sessions a day, what a difference it made.  At that time I went through a second exhausting divorce, sold a house, moved and started a new profession in music.

I was teaching and learning singing, vocal production, piano and guitar AND teaching it in the afternoons and evenings.  I would race to a lesson in the morning, then race through Los Angeles traffic across town back home.

It was usually about 2 or 3pm by this time.  I'd gulp some food and sit down to practice for all the lessons I was taking.

I love music, but it requires a LOT of practice time.  Ugh.  I was never the most enthusiastic practicer.  I just wanted to play and sing.  Typical musician.  But it was my career, my profession, my living.  I had to accomplish it.

And then my students would start to come.  From three or four-ish in the afternoon to around nine pm at night I would eat, practice and then teach.  Whew!  Yes, it was a lot.  Too much in fact.

BUT, I had learned meditation/self-hypnosis.  I applied it as I had learned it many years ago.  I was well-steeped in the physiology of meditation/self-hypnosis and how you can use thirty minutes of deep relaxation via meditation/ self hypnosis for more energy and an extra half-a-day of hours to use.

Well, that's it folks.  Meditation/self-hypnosis saved my behind then and still does.  Meditation/self-hypnosis are the same or almost the same.  Thirty minutes of self-hypnosis/meditation gives any of us three to four additional hours in each day.

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