Do You Have A Nail Biting Habit?

Hypnosis may help!

Do you recognize these signs and symptoms?

  • Your fingernails are red, swollen, painful or even infected
  • Your hands are so unsightly that you try to keep them hidden
  • You bite your nails without realizing it when you're involved in another activity such as watching TV or reading
  • You've tried before and failed to quit
  • You feel guilty and ashamed of your nail biting habit

You're not alone. Nail biting often starts in childhood. In fact, over 50% of children and 45% of teenagers bite their nails, and it can continue into adulthood.

Nail biting can have serious effects

Not only does nail biting damage your fingers, but it can also have a more serious effect on your health.

  • By putting your unwashed hands in your mouth you are increasing your risk of catching a cold or other illness
  • It can harm your teeth by causing them to shift out of place, or cause cracks in your teeth or tooth enamel
  • Swallowing bitten off nails can cause digestive problems
  • around your nails

What causes nail biting?

It's a compulsive habit, often resulting from anxiety or stress, and is classified as an obsessive-compulsive disorder. It is actually a very common way of reacting to stress for both children and adults. After a while it just becomes an automatic behavior that you seem to have no control over.

Hypnosis has helped many to become free of a nail biting habit. 

You owe it to yourself to free yourself from this self-destructive habit!*

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How does hypnosis work?

Hypnotherapy is very effective in treating all stress-related problems. Stress reactions are physiological as well as psychological. The trigger is psychological but the response is physiological. Once patients understand this connection, the rest is easy.

  • It may help you make lifestyle changes that reduce your overall stress level
  • It may help achieve rapid control over your responses
  • It may help you uncover and resolve past and current events that may be related

How Many Sessions Could I Need?

Most issues take four to eight sessions for people to reach their goal. Of course, this varies depending on the particular issue, on secondary contributing factors, such as sleep distress and stress levels. Most people experience noticable improvement after the first session.

How Susan French may help

Susan French has received specialized training in panic attacks, anxiety, and phobias using the 5Path Hypnosis Technique from Cal Banyan, Phobia Certification from HMI and the American Hypnosis Association, the National Guild of Hypnotists, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, and Phobias training from Uncommon Knowledge in the UK.

You have nothing to lose but your nail-biting habit!


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