Do you have angry outbursts or flare-ups over insignificant things? Are you constantly blowing up over little things? Do you feel like you just can’t help it? You may also be wondering what if your love leaves you because he just can’t handle it anymore.

If this is you, and you find that you apologize over and over again because you know he doesn’t like it, what can you do?

TL:DR Here is a short video of this blog post, “Angry Outbursts Over Little Things | What If He Just Can’t Handle It Anymore?” in case you don’t want to read it.

Angry Outbursts - Do you freak out over little things?

He says he loves you. But you also know that one day he won’t be able to handle it anymore, who would?

There are things you can do to calm down in the millisecond of the anger madness.

It’s easy to blame someone but not so easy to take responsibility. Owning the fact that you know your flare-ups aren’t right, is a step in the right direction.

There are so many people that don’t own it and this becomes a cause for relationship failure. Imagine someone wronging you but not being willing to truly say, “I’m sorry”.

You may not be an angry person

Your anger may have to do with impulse control. This could be more of an aspect of your personality than a relationship flaw.

Just because you act a certain way does not mean you are powerless to change it.

You can work on this.

Alone, it will be long and frustrating. If you use hypnosis, the process will be easier.

Behaviors like acting and reacting become ingrained in our brain. They become second nature. This makes habits difficult to break.

Habits are difficult to break but not impossible

Whether you work with a hypnotherapist or not, try this to handle those outbursts:

What are your triggers? What do you feel?

If you know your triggers, you can use relaxation exercises to calm down and stop the impulse to freak out. Try taking some deep belly breaths. This helps to oxygenate your brain and allows your logic to come on board.

Your outbursts do not mean you are an angry person. Don’t let them define you.

Break the cycle and  have a healthier relationship this week

You can break the circuit between having a feeling and freaking out. With practice and relaxation techniques, you will calm down with time.

If you want to make the process faster and easier, contact me.

My specialized techniques can help you remain calm, even when your triggers are set off.