This section of my website is dedicated to FAQs about hypnosis.  You will learn important information about hypnotherapy and also what you can expect when you have a session with me.

What if I Don't Live In The LA Area?

No problem.  I also use the internet and phone for sessions.  The benefits are no different than if you were to have a session in my Tarzana office.  As long as you have a place where you can relax and be have privacy while you have your distance hypnosis, you will receive the same benefits.

What is Hypnosis and How Can it Benefit Me?

Let's start with some questions that many people have.  You may have some of these same questions too.

  • What happens in the brain and body when in hypnosis?
  • What does hypnosis feel like?
  • Can I be made to do anything in hypnosis that I wouldn't agree to if fully alert?
  • Can I get stuck in hypnosis?
  • Are there any negative side effects?
  • Is hypnosis safe?

This post is designed to answer any questions you may have about hypnosis and how it can help you to achieve your goals and dreams.

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What Exactly Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is also known as hypnotherapy, trance or hypnotic trance. A professional that performs hypnosis is known as a therapist, hypnotherapist, hypnotist or hypnotic coach.  If they have specialized training in medical hypnotherapy like I am, they have the title as clinical hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapy is a deep state of relaxation.  Most people walk around in a high state of stress.  Their brain and body are wired for fight or flight.  It is no wonder because we are surrounded by stimulation:  TV, radio, electronic billboards, our cellphone, tablets and computers.  The news is full of gloom, fighting, death.  People all over the world are facing difficult times.  This keeps us in fight or flight mode.  Hypnotherapy takes us out of that mode and allows us to just relax.

Any time you are lost in thought, imagination, or inner focus, you are in hypnosis.  You've been in "highway hypnosis" any time you were driving along and spaced out.  In fact, as you read these words, you are probably in a light state of hypnosis.

What Does It Feel Like To Be In a Trance?

Pleasantly drowsy and day-dreamy: like being half asleep and half awake. You are aware of the hypnotherapist's words but it feels as if nothing matters, like nothing could disturb or bother you.

How Hypnosis Creates Change

Hypnosis is the state you go into whenever you are engrossed in something. It is the natural state you go into when you're learning or thinking. Outside distractions are blocked from your awareness.

Your subconscious mind can't tell the difference between what you imagine and what actually occurs. Therefore, your subconscious mind believes that these changes have already occurred.

This preferred behavior becomes the blueprint for new behavior. All hypnosis is actually self hypnosis.

Is Hypnosis Safe?

Yes.  In the hands of a qualified, trained professional, you are in good hands.  There is never a time you are asleep or put out of conscious awareness.  You have control over your hypnosis.  All  hypnosis is guided self-hypnosis. This is the most effective because you are active in the process of rewiring your brain and habits.

You can't be taken into hypnosis without your agreement and participation.  If anything is suggested that you wouldn't agree to your fight or flight would activate and you'd be aware that this did not fit in your moral or value system. You'd rightfully be very mad at the person trying to deceive you.

Hypnosis is a natural state that we drift into and out of many times each day. You cannot get ‘stuck’ in hypnosis any more than you could get stuck in a daydream. You emerge from hypnosis just as you do when you come out of the daydream and refocus on your external environment.

Can A Hypnotist Make Me Do Anything Against My Morals or Will?

Like stated above, Absolutely not. The goal of the therapist is to help the person find answers within and create those inner changes himself. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

Contrary to popular belief, a person cannot be hypnotized unwillingly nor will a person follow directions against his or her own wishes when in trance.

You continue to hear the therapist’s words but you will reject any ideas that are not in agreement with your own morals, ethics and welfare. You always retain complete veto power even when deeply entranced.

Can I be Hypnotized?

Yes. Trance is a naturally occurring state. All people can and do go into a hypnotic trance state naturally. However, it is a common experience to be unsure whether or not you’ve been “in hypnosis”, especially if the trance state was relatively light.

Hypnotists often suggest that the subject’s arm rises or stiffens or that the hands become stuck together so that the subject will recognize that he has indeed been in trance.

The work of hypnosis will be accomplished no matter what the subjective experience.

Does Distance Hypnotherapy Really Work

Yes. I wouldn't do it if it was not effective.  I have been conducting distance hypnotherapy sessions by telephone and video for more than five years. I have developed techniques for inducing trance with sound cues rather than the visual cues more often employed for in-person sessions.

Since you close your eyes during the process of induction whether in person or by telephone, the experience and effects are the same.  Distance hypnosis works just as well by phone, video, or Skype.

Clinical hypnotherapy is endorsed by physicians, dentists, midwives, psychotherapists, and more.  

Hypnosis was approved by the AMA in 1958 for use in many medical, dental, and psychological treatments to provide relief for those conditions found to be resistant to more traditional methods.

Hypnosis can also provide relief from the discomfort and pain associated with certain medical procedures and treatments..

Hypnosis has become so widely used by the medical community, that such prestigious medical centers as Stanford University Hospital, Kaiser Permanente, Cancer Consultants Resource Center, and the University of Washington Harborview Burn Center have in-house clinical hypnosis resources.

Hypnosis is most commonly known for its use in habit control, performance enhancement and eliminating fears and phobias.  You can be anywhere in the world and benefit from my at home hypnosis sessions.  I offer sessions through skype or telephone with the same great results as my in-office therapy.

Don't let the fact that you are not near me stop you from getting the help you need.

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Does Hypnosis Cure or Just Give Symptom Relief

Hypnosis is not intended to cure disease but rather to relieve symptoms of illness. Hypnosis has been effective in relieving pain associated with surgery, paralysis, and childbirth. Also, it is widely used to control addictions to drugs, alcohol, food, and smoking.

Hypnosis can reduce stress by increasing relaxation, offering positive suggestions, and eliminating negative thoughts. Studies have shown that hypnosis can help with anxiety, insomnia, phobias, obesity, allergies, asthma, and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

It is also found to reduce cancer-related pain, nausea, and vomiting. In hypnotherapy, hypnosis is combined with cognitive therapy (talk and reason therapy) for the most effective results.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Most problems are resolved in a few sessions (four to eight) depending on the complexity of the issue.

What Are Your Fees or Prices?

See Pricing Options:  Economical packages are available upon request.  Flexible payments can be arranged.

The bottom line is that my clients see results.  This is why I have focused solely on hypnotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy, and hypnotic coaching for the past 15 years.

Confidentiality is assured by Law and by Practice.


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