Even if you have tried every diet but failed to keep the weight off, hypnosis for fat reduction may help you.

How Could Weight Loss Hypnosis Help Me?

"I have been helping clients with hypnosis for weight loss for the last  twenty-five years. Hypnosis has helped them reach their goal weight and to enjoy physical activity."*

~~Susan French

Hypnosis for weight loss helps clients to naturally make good food choices in the proper amount and to just feel like moving their bodies more.  Some choose to walk or jog.  Others prefer to go to the gym. Others use home exercise equipment, like a treadmill.

The bottom line, though, is this: they tell us that it has been easy to reach their goal weight.

How We Develop Eating Patterns

Research has shown that infants are born with healthful eating patterns, eating only until full and then refusing any further feeding.  If you've ever fed an infant, you'll know what I mean. This may be maintained for approximately the first eighteen months of their lives.

However, after eighteen months, research has shown that eating patterns be to form based on what you are fed by your parents or caregivers. Another important factor in developing eating patterns is whether you are fed to comfort you when you cry or only when you are hungry. 

Your eating patterns  and exercise habits are firmly embedded in your automatic responses by the time you reach your teens.

Once habits are embedded into automatic responses in your brain and body, they are hard to change. However, hypnosis accelerates learning, including new learnings or changes to automatic behavior.  Once again, when new habits are suggested to you when you are in the hypnotic state, your brain allows more rapid change to automatic behavior.

That is the primary reason that hypnosis is so helpful in creating healthier eating habits, more active exercise habits, and better ways to deal with daily stress, resulting in easy and comfortable weight loss.

You may have heard of bariatric hypnosis...

Are you frustrated by your inability to lose weight? Do you feel sluggish, tired and unmotivated? Do you binge eat and crave comfort food? You're certainly not alone!

Hypnosis could help you to develop better "eating intuition," as you had when you were an infant.  Research has also shown that naturally slender people tend to eat similarly: eating only until no longer hungry and stopping when full. Imagine eating only when you're hungry, like a naturally slender person!

How Hypnosis Could Help You Lose Fat Naturally

  •  Turn on your motivation
  •  Turn off your cravings and binging
  •  Turns down your compulsive comfort eating
  •  Turns up your metabolism, energy, and good food choices
  •  Activate healthier eating "intuition"
  •  Activate pleasure in moving your body (in exercise, sports, dance)
  •  Help to create a new relationship with food – identify your binge-eating triggers and neutralize them.

Lose 10% your weight and these are the benefits:

  • Blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar
  • Mobility and breathing
  • Deeper, more restful sleep
  • Type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions

Weight loss takes time, so how long could I have to have treatments?

Issues such as losing weight tend to require four to eight sessions for maximum success*. Of course, this varies depending on the amount of weight reduction needed, and on stress levels and support system.

Frequently, weight loss clients prefer to have four to six sessions once a week and then space them out, depending on what kind of reinforcement they feel that they may need. Each hypnosis session is recorded so that you have mid-week reinforcement as needed.

Create new habits and achieve weight loss goals in record time.

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