Do you want better self esteem or more self confidence?

Hypnosis has helped many gain confidence and have a health self esteem

Imagine that your mind is like a computer.  Inside the computer is a code or script that will program you for a certain level of success and failure.  It also dictates when you need to take some sort of action to make your situation better.

Have you found yourself constantly thinking in the negative about yourself?  It may look like this:  I'm not smart enough.  I'm not attractive enough.  Look at my wrinkles or my weight.  Why am I so fat?  Why am I always struggling for money?  I'm not a capable or talented as other people.  I don't deserve a better job.

This might surprise you, but these are all symptoms of low self esteem.  And your computer code in your brain is unconsciously sabotaging your success. This is why everything seems so hard.  It's not for lack of effort on your part.

Your computer code may have limitations on your success.  Just like your computer gives you an error if there is a document it can't find, your mind will reject success the same way the minds of successful people reject failure.

Know this - you really are just as smart and capable as the people around you.  There is a lot more that goes into intelligence than just book smarts.  You will have your own unique gifts.  Your computer code is just different.

If this is happening to you, the good news is that you can rewrite that computer code.  And now is the time to rewrite it.

Build better self esteem by rewriting your brain's computer code

Limiting beliefs were created and written into your code from what you learned as a child about the adults around you. 

It also comes from your life experiences.  Let's face it, life can be super hard sometimes and people can also be not so nice. 

Believe it or not, tv shows and movies can also program you.  In fact, they are created to program you to make you feel a certain way.  This feeling rewrites your code.

If you have had a lot of struggles in life, your mind's code may have been conditioned to expect certain struggles - because it seemed inevitable to you. 

Improve self confidence, esteem and get rid of limiting beliefs

When you combine all of this together, it may feel like you cannot reach your goals.  You also become your own worst enemy but don't realize it.  When you lack self confidence and self esteem, your brain will stop you from achieving what you want the most. 

Because your computer code is written a certain way, your mind acts as a filter and actually looks for situations that will reinforce your low self esteem.  This ten compounds how you feel.  And it becomes a habit.  Before you know it, you are living self fulfilling prophecies.  This will impair your thinking and judgement and make you miss important, positive situations.

Remember the old Saturday Night Live character, Stewart Smalley? He used to say, “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.” The self help movement uses positive affirmations which work to a degree but usually are not enough for some people.

Since most of your computer code is based on  repetitive experiences from the past, it takes more than just affirmations to eliminate “programming” that has long been a part of you.

When you enter a relaxed state in hypnosis, you can safely explore the code.  In this state, you become highly suggestible and you then have the ability to rewrite your computer code. for more positive suggestions.  This is what makes hypnosis one of the most effective ways of eliminating negativity and replacing it with positivity and optimism.