Are you a procrastinator? Or a dreamer? Have people stopped believing in you or maybe you never had anyone that believed in you in the first place? There’s a reason why you can’t force yourself to do what you need to do to change. And it is not procrastination.

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Even though you know what you should do, you just can’t. Right?

Procrastination is a lie. It’s a made up word that we really don’t understand. It leaves you feeling like a failure and powerless to complete or achieve something.

It’s also easier to blame procrastination than to actually follow through.

For the sake of ease of reading, I am going to call not doing something you need to do "procrastination".

Why Procrastination Is A Lie

Procrastination is not a fear of success or a fear of failure. Sure, we all have this to some degree, but it is not enough to hold us back from doing simple tasks.

There is something deeper going on. Finding this out will help you to finally be able to do what you need to do to change.

Procrastinating has 3 parts to consider

The first: self deception. It’s easier to not live up to someone’s expectations. We’d actually have to show up in life. For many people, that is a major commitment that ties into the second part of procrastinating.

The second: Achieving or finishing something is a means to an end. Maybe consider that your task that needs completing isn’t actually your dream situation. You have to do something to make more money, but whatever it is that you are doing, is not your dream.

Yes, you want more money but your avenue to get it is not your dream. This is your subconscious telling you that the reward is not worth the work.

Self reflection overcomes procrastination

Self reflection is important. Most people follow a path that is not their dream path, but it sounds good. It sounds interesting for a time so they start down that path, even though it is not their ideal situation.

Life coaching can not only help you figure out what you don’t see, it will help you get on a path that will not lead to procrastination.

The third: Your environment. You are the sum total of the people you are surrounded by. Are any of these people who you want to model your life after? Don’t discredit what a powerful influence your environment has in achieving your goals and dreams.

When you are headed in the right direction for you, you wake up excited to be able to do whatever that thing is. Working on that will be as needed as food and sleep for you. It becomes a necessary part of life to you.

Hypnosis helps to get your mind right very quickly and easily. It will set in new success patterns, while dissolving old, unhealthy patterns. This is all done with ease while you are relaxing and releasing stress.

Hypnotherapy could be the one piece missing for your success.