Do you want to know how to control your anger? It might not be enough that you are told you have anger problems. You want to know how to control it.

"You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger." –Buddha

Are you even feeling enraged about your rage? This article will help you get a start on dealing with your anger.

How Anger Can Turn A Good Person Bad

Even if you do not have anger issues, you know someone that does. There’s nothing that is more frustrating than to be reactive to even the small things in life.

Blowing up at someone, even if well deserved, doesn’t make anyone feel good or solve the issue at hand. Someone with a different opinion becomes a threat in the eyes of an angry person.

Most people with anger problems are very intelligent, good people. But anger makes them do dumb (and sometimes bad) things.

Take a University professor with anger problems. He found himself suspended from his job without pay because of his anger problems. One of his students argued with everything he said. The professor lost his cool and threw a chair through a window.

Anger is an addiction

For someone with anger problems, blind rage becomes a normal emotion. There is just so much stress and pressure that even a little more pressure sends the volcano of rage flowing.

Anger issues wreck relationships, push away friends, cause problems at work and messes up your health.

Chronically angry people are weighed down and all too often, destroyed by their anger.

Anger is an addiction. It increases testosterone and gives an energetic boost with adrenaline. Anger is an immediate boost in confidence and power. That type of intensity and power becomes addictive to some people.

3 Tips To Calm Your Anger

  • Know your buttons. For many people, becoming tired or overwhelmed serve to be the TNT behind anger outburst. Figure out your triggers. A hypnotherapist can work with you to pinpoint what is the underlying cause behind when outbursts tend to happen.
  • Add distance. Habitual anger is generally turned to blind rage where the thinking part of the brain is shut down. Emotion takes over. Put distance between the event that triggers the anger and you will often allow your thinking brain to stay in control.

Remove yourself from a situation when you feel anger creeping up. This will keep you from doing or saying something you regret.

You can also count to 10 and say to yourself, “I am becoming calmer” when an irritating situation presents itself. If you find this doesn’t work, visiting a hypnotherapist can help anchor those words. This anchor helps to engage subconscious processes that will make this technique more successful for you.

  • Meet your primal needs. Feeling hungry is a primal need for food. Anger is generally a primal need for something that is unfulfilled.

Primal needs are: good sleep, healthy food, positive attention, meaning in daily life, satisfied in work, social and personal relationships, and proper stimulation.

When you don’t sleep good or your diet is not very healthy, your work, social and personal relationships tend to suffer. These are common influencers for an angry person.

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