Have you ever come across a statement – whether written or heard – that stays with you for years and years?  Maybe even forever?

TL;DR Here is a short video of this blog post, "Is your depression caused by the person in your bed" in case you don’t have the time to read it.

Do you suffer from depression or just a generalized sadness?  Do you sometimes have a feeling of being overwhelmed or trapped without a seemingly logical cause?

Are you depressed?  Do you think something is wrong with you?

This may be one of those “AH HA statements” for you…

Before you diagnose yourself with depression, look at the jerk lying next to you.

Depression May Be Related To More Than Just Your Brain

There can be many factors that contribute to depression, not just hormonal or a brain imbalance.

Depression can also be caused by a situation or an environment.  How is your relationship?  Do you feel loved, appreciated, or valued?  Or do you feel like your opinion doesn't matter, you are not respected, and you feel you are not heard most of the time?

Do you sometimes feel like it doesn’t matter to your loved ones if you are even around?

The Greatest Cruelty is Our Casual Blindness to the Despair of Others.

Not being cared for is damaging.  You may have always been the strong one and took care of everything, but that doesn’t mean you deserve to have all the weight on your shoulders.

If you are struggling in your relationship, there are solutions.  This doesn't mean the relationship is bad and you should leave him or her.  It can simply mean that tweaking how you view something and more importantly, how you view yourself can make all the difference in the relationship.

Hypnosis can be powerful when it is used for love, relationships, self love and self esteem.  Many people report that long standing issues resolved and quickly faded away.

Sometimes letting go of what doesn't serve you, is the easiest change you can make...

When you have hypnosis on your side.

People become stuck in ruts with the same behaviors repeating.  Shaking up those behaviors in a positive manner may be all that is needed to move forward with a new way of interacting.

Environment Is A Powerful Influence - Does It Cause You To Be Depressed or Sad?

There is another factor when considering depression.  Your environment.

Gallup-Healthways has an index that measures the well-being of residents throughout the United States.

In particular, some areas rank high in well-being.  Well-being is marked by highest reported rates of:

  • Healthy eating
  • Lowest rates of daily stress
  • Lowest lifetime diagnoses of depression.

Which locations are happiest?

Several of the highest ranking communities boast temperate climates and locations near the ocean:

•  Florida
•  2 in Cali
•  1 in Hawaii
are among top 10 happiest places in America.

Boulder Colorado ranked high because they feel a strong sense of purpose in their jobs and pride in community.

Areas that have the highest percent of professionals tend to suffer from more productive stress.

Where do you think your city falls on the well-being scale?

No matter what your situation, you need self care.  Whether you are struggling in a relationship, need help seeing brighter days, or are in a high productive stress area, getting help with aligning your mind with your desires can give you the support you need.

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