Fear of Vegetables?

 “I have only the vaguest memory of a life before fear. Every morning when I wake up there
is one blissful second before I took around the room and remember my daily terrors.” - Lena Dunham

Do you hate vegetables? Does your spouse? Have you ever had a hard time getting your child to eat vegetables?

You (or someone you know) may have a vegetable phobia.  This is known as Lachanophobia.

It may sound funny, but this is a real fear. There are different levels of phobia. Sometimes phobias can present as a mild aversion to something. While others may cause such a problem that it becomes debilitating.

If a phobia is really bad, just reading about vegetables may make someone very anxious. According to Helpguide.org, a true phobia is a threat of something greatly exaggerated or doesn’t even exist, but the fear of it is still there.

What you will learn in this vegetable phobia article:
• Some tips on dealing with your veggie phobia.
• One mom’s story on how she dealt with her vegetable phobia.

Best Ways To Deal With Your Fear of Vegetables:

Hypnotherapy. Like you will read in this article, hypnotherapy can be a great way to help you manage your phobias. Hypnotherapy helps to create new habits and patterns that help lessen phobias.

The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook by Edmund Bourn. This is a book also available on kindle and has sold millions of copies. It has helped many people overcome their fears, anxiety, and phobias.

How One Mom Overcame Her Fear of Vegetables

As s a young child, Victoria Reynolds felt repulsed by many foods.  She found her diet became severely restricted because she was afraid of vegetables. She could manage it by avoiding certain foods until she had a baby.

Her problem became out of control when she had to feed her baby fruits and vegetables. Preparing meals for him was really hard. She felt guilty feeding him junk food and knew she wasn’t a role model with her food choices.

Victoria's Solution

She found hypnosis. After just one session, she relaxed. She began to eat vegetables and no longer avoided preparing them for her son.

Victoria had this to say about her life now, "I no longer gag or feel sick at the sight of new foods and I can clean up after my son and prepare his food without the issues. It has transformed my life.

"I am trying new foods all of the time. I've recently tried carrot, broccoli, apples and oranges, which may seem like a small feat to most people, but for me, that was like jumping over a humongous hurdle. I'm looking forward to a healthy 2017."

Here is a disclaimer...Not all phobias respond so quickly to hypnosis.  Victoria was lucky that she had such positive results with only one session.

Watch this video of someone discussing the fear of vegetables and fruit.

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