"She had Sunny Liston hands and whipped the (insides) out of me," he says. "It was bad. Everyone in the projects was there man. It took years to live that down."

Fist Fight is Tracy Morgan’s first movie since his near fatal accident left him fighting for life.   It sheds light on a real problem in today’s world - bullying.

While the movie is set in humor, bullying is anything but funny. 

Why is our world so volatile?

Bullying has always been around. Are there any kids that didn’t feel threatened either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually growing up?   It’s terrifying as a child to grow up and fear for your safety or feel like you don’t measure up.

Kids are mean. And adults are just as mean. In today’s world, someone doesn’t like what you wear on social media and you may receive death threats from random strangers.

Cut someone off on the road and you’ll feel the blaze of instant volatile road rage. A restaurant doesn’t serve someone something they want? You may hear a customer screaming.

How and Why are people bullied?

Is it our society’s growing sense of entitlement? How does our super fast, high stressed lifestyle fuel anger and resentment? Does the captivation of blood, sex, violence and gore fuel more of that within us? Could there be an overall lack of purpose in our lives to drive us to act better?

While we are a society that idolizes celebrities, they are not immune. The Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian drama left Taylor with multiple death threats.

Here’s a short list of celebs that have received death threats on social media:

  • Bella Thorne – received death threats after breaking up with Charlie Puth
  • FKA Twigs - for dating Robert Pattinson
  • Selena Gomez – for dating Harry Styles briefly
  • Robert Kirkman - Walking Dead actor receives death threats for his character’s roll.
  • Brenock O’Connor - Game of Thrones star Olly received death threats for his character playing a small role in killing Jon Snow in the HBO series.
  • The Vegan owners of Café Gratitude – received death threats after announcing they were going to start eating meat.
  • Emma Watson – She said the word feminism

We hear about the celebrities because we can read it on their social media. And they talk about it openly. How many thousands (and more) of people are bullied and receive death threats that we don’t hear about?

Why is this okay in our world? Kids are committing suicide because they are bullied so badly. In both the cyber world and in real life.

Life is hard enough without widespread bullying.

What can be done?

Change begins right here, within all of us. The only thing that we can control is our own self.

Tools like professional hypnotherapy sessions can help replace emotional triggers with healthy responses.

Self hypnotherapy, with the use of audio instruction is easy to use and can easily be put to use any time you feel you need to relax and let go of the day’s stress.

We are still rejected and taunted for being different in a culture that supposedly embraces individuality.  Even though Fist Fight makes bullying funny, it sheds light on a very important subject that is growing.

Watch the trailer here:

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