How Do I Stop Panic Attacks In My Sleep?

Panic attacks are scary enough without them happening in your sleep. People come to my office wanting to know, “How do I stop panic attacks in my sleep?” This question was asked enough times that this post was created to help you.

How Do I Stop Panic Attacks In My Sleep Resources

Start off with these 3 helpful resources:

    • •  Clients have reported positive effects with hypnosis for panic attacks. I work with people either 1 on 1 or online with their panic attack issues. Panic attacks are very responsive to treatment and my clients have reported positive results.
    • •  Do you need to talk to someone and it is 4 am? There’s an app for that. 7cups is touted as an “online emotional support service.” You can connect with a trained listener if you are struggling. You can choose from a 1 on 1 chat, group chats, or forums. This may be what you need in the wee hours if you just want someone to listen and understand.
    • •  Music with scientific backing. Sometimes you just need a little soothing music to get yourself relaxed enough to go back to sleep. Created by Marconi Union and the British Academy of Sound Therapy, this song was voted as the number 1 most relaxing music. The science behind the song, Weightless, is pretty remarkable. See the video below.

The 4 Steps To How Do I Stop Panic Attacks In My Sleep 

You may find yourself waking up short of breath, shaking, nauseated, and a deep sense of hopelessness or fear. This could be a nocturnal anxiety attack.

Thoughts, both conscious and unconscious, during the day, can bring on an anxiety attack in bed. Many people have reported that changing their thought patterns really helped to reduce or even stop their panic attacks at night.

While this may be easier said than done, it can be done. Hypnosis, self-help videos on YouTube and even sleeping with a recording of your voice repeating affirmations have helped many people.

Try a winding down routine and eat a light snack before bed. Studies have shown that low blood sugar during the night can bring on panic attack symptoms at night. Winding down rituals begin to train your brain for rest.

If a panic attack hits, try belly breathing. When you are having an anxiety attack, you actually forget to exhale. Put your hand on your belly and inhale through your nose and push your belly out as far as it will go.

Hold for a second or two and exhale with a sigh like something just annoyed you. While you are exhaling, pull your belly button towards your spine. Repeat until you feel calm.

If your panic attacks during sleep are continual, consider enrolling in a sleep study.

I specialize in panic attack relief.

If you live in the LA area, I have appointments available in my professional Tarzana office.

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