"Fact: I can't go with other people in the room"

~ Rob Lowe

What is Shy Bladder Syndrome?

It has many names: paruresis, shy bladder, bashful bladder, shy kidneys, pee shyness and stage fright. It’s a psychological condition classed as an anxiety disorder that prevents a person from being able to urinate in a public restroom. If you have a shy bladder you’re not alone. Approximately 17 million North Americans will experience some form of shy bladder syndrome.

The symptoms:

You need external noise such as running water before being able to pee in a public environment, or you may not be able to urinate anywhere but your own home. You may even avoid social activities like visiting friends or family, dining out, or going to sporting events. You know it’s irrational, but you are completely unable to control your feelings of anxiety and self consciousness. You may have to hold your bladder for a whole day, ending up in severe pain and discomfort.

Shy bladder syndrome can result in a devastating effect on your life. You feel you’re the only person who has it, and you feel isolated, ashamed, and quite possibly depressed.

What causes Shy Bladder Syndrome?

It’s occasionally related to physical, emotional or sexual abuse; more often to being harassed or teased by classmates in the restroom during puberty, causing you to associate the use of public facilities with anxiety.

Hypnotherapy Helps with "Shy Bladder Syndrome"

It’s easily curable - here are some tips:

  • Talk about it to friends and family members you can trust. This is your most important step – simply talking about it can be a huge help in resolving the issue.
  • Enlist someone to be your “pee buddy” who will stand close by while you use the bathroom, until you feel more and more comfortable.
  • Work on it yourself by using quiet restrooms and progressively building up to busier ones. Use baby steps.
  • Rehearse in your imagination while using your bathroom at home. Imagine you’re in a public restroom, and train your brain for the real experience.
  • Get hypnotherapy. I can teach you to relax and develop the confidence to overcome your anxieties using hypnotherapy in next to no time. It's a proven method to effectively boost confidence and self-esteem with many anxiety-related issues, and it's successful because it works to reinforce your own strong and positive suggestions for success.

If you or a loved one are suffering from this debilitating condition you have two great choices: you can download the "Overcome Shy Bladder" mp3, or just call me for a free consultation and we'll chat...