Hypnosis for food addiction is an effective way of dealing with bad habits. Underlying emotional or psychological issues are usually a cause of food addictions.

“From food addiction to food serenity - freedom tastes great!” ― Vera Tarman

Food is the center of our culture. We use food to reward, celebrate and soothe. How often do you go out to eat to celebrate? How often is food the center of a party? Is cake always included in birthday celebrations?

Because of this, we have built a dependency on food. This dependency can easily turn into food addiction.

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The impact of food addiction
How can hypnotherapy help my food addiction?

The impact of food addiction

Do you feel like you have a lack of control around food? This is a disorder that causes embarrassment for many people. Some people hide their food addiction. This can cause them to spiral out of control.

Food addiction is a compulsive disorder that has a lot of anxiety and stress built into it. It can affect self-esteem and confidence.

Hypnotherapy helps to rebuild your relationship with food. It can help change the negative behaviors and thought patterns surrounding food. It also helps give you tools to deal with compulsive behaviors, which makes it easier to avoid junk food.

How can hypnotherapy help my food addiction?

There are many causes of food addictions. It could be genetic, although researchers believe that environmental and emotional aspects may play the largest part.

Addiction helps numb pain. It comes down to your nervous system. Your nervous system can either process food by digestion or process emotions. It can’t do both.

For many people, food addiction is the way to cope with stress and difficulties. Hypnotherapy can help identify your triggers and reduce their impact.

Get Help

Food addiction is treatable. But it is difficult to recover without professional help. Unlike alcohol or drugs, you cannot totally abstain from food. Learning new ways to deal with your emotions and healthy eating habits can help put you on the road to success.

Hypnotherapy will begin to explore the relationship you have with food and the reasons behind it. When you book an appointment with me, I give you a brief overview on what to expect and what to bring with you on your first appointment.

I will help you achieve a heightened state of relaxation. Your session will be geared towards your individual situation to help achieve the greatest results.

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I specialize in panic attack relief, depression and mood related issues. I work to calm your stressors.

If you live in the LA area, I have appointments available in my professional Tarzana office.

Don’t live near me? Or simply don’t want to leave your home? No problem! I also work via Skype or a video chat session. Contact me for more information.



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