Hypnosis for athletes has been put to use all across the sporting world, and results are often positive in many cases.

I have worked with several clients who have come back to me to let me know how their golf scores have improved, or their times have shortened.  Many times, it's about calming your nerves and fears and visualizing your task at hand.

In recent memory, there have been elite, hall-of-fame caliber athletes who have used hypnosis as their guiding light to breakthrough performances.  You can too.

When Tiger Woods was in his teens, his parents hired a hypnotist to help him focus on his game.  During his prime in the early 2000s Tiger Woods was the most dominant athlete in sports-- no one could touch him.

Even after a performance slump in past years and a recent absence from the game, he's considered by many, alongside Jack Nickalus, as one of the greatest golfers of all time.

Tiger practiced these techniques even as he took over the sporting world.

Here's a video in which Tiger attests to the extreme focus afforded to him from hypnosis sessions.

Here's one thing I must challenge though-- and it's in regards to this insightful video's title.  Let's be clear: Hypnosis is not a form of mind control.  It's a way to tap into and communicate with your subconscious.

Through hypnosis, you can visualize your success in your sport or craft, learn to block out distractions and anxiety, and program your body to execute at key moments.

Hypnosis for Athletes Can Be a Most Valuable Asset In Their Success

In the '80s, the Chicago White Sox hired an in-house team hypnotist.  Much of this is documented extensively in this archived Los Angeles Times Article.

The team saw favorable results-- namely a playoff appearance.  Dr. Harvey Misel was hired by the White Sox after success in working with other greats of the game like Hall of Famer Rod Carew.

Hypnosis can not just hone in your focus, but in certain modalities of sessions, it can help build your self-esteem and tune out the anxiety.  In a conscious way, it prevents you from getting in the way of yourself.

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