High sugar intake almost always leads to subsequent cravings for sweets, and in some cases leads to sugar addiction.  The problem is real among millions of Americans, and it comes with bad health implications such as diabetes and is a major contributor to weight gain and obesity.

Sugar causes spikes in glucose in your blood, metabolizing quickly and giving you the all-too-familiar "sugar rush".

Depending on how much you consume, your mind will lead you to believe that there is a need to maintain that same sugar level.  Thus, cravings and dependency form in your subconscious, causing you to consume sugar and other unhealthy foods in ways you can't control.  Hypnosis for sugar addiction can help because the basis of hypnotherapy is accessing your subconscious and diverting the seemingly involuntary cravings.

Perhaps you won't hear about it as such a nasty epidemic because major food corporations, who base their ingredients heavily on sugar-- are major money sources in ad-buys across the U.S.-- so the mainstream media has a major conflict of interest in reporting on this.  Still, diabetes and obesity are at an all-time high.

According to WebMD, sugar can play tricks on your brain.  By-and-large, the brain perceives sugar as a reward.  Even for those not at the point of addiction, consumption of sugary products can lead to strong cravings and eating more than you had intended.

This is especially true with sodas, which in many cases, carry a whopping 30+ grams of sugar.  These kinds of food choices can magnify your cravings.

Hypnosis works in curbing those cravings in your mind and replacing them with healthy and productive alternatives.  The practice is similar to hypnotherapy modalities for those addicted to drugs and alcohol, according to clinical hypnotherapist Susan French.

"All addiction is the same except for the severity, severity of withdrawal, and tendency to relapse," said French.

Once a patient experiences a productive session of hypnosis, they can take what they've learned and practice self-hypnosis at home.

This article on hyptalk.com says "Hypnosis can help you overcome sugar addiction if you have the discipline to practice it every day." Indeed this is true.

Australian hypnotherapist Kerrie Saunders said that she's experienced first-hand the effectiveness of hypnosis for sugar addiction.

"Using the language of the subconscious mind: visualization and emotion,  I guide my client to create their own meaningful new ‘programs’ for letting sugar go, and replacing it with other more positive ways and habits that they would like to create. It’s incredibly powerful, and it works," said Saunders.

Saunders told a story of a client who would have lollipops each day at work because it was a reward she was conditioned with as a child.  Through hypnotherapy sessions, the client came up with a way to swap the action of eating lollipops with tea time.

She purchased a full tea set, and has since replaced her normal sugar-laden daily routine with a more healthy one.