Hypnosis is a secret weapon of many successful and wealthy people.  What you may not know is that the celebrities you see on your computer, television or in the movies are using hypnosis for motivation and success.

“It’s remarkable just how many celebrities use hypnosis—how many CEOs and heads of production companies” ~ Dr. Steve G. Jones

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Motivational Hypnotherapy is natural

All hypnosis has a strong motivation aspect.  People seek out a hypnotherapist because they want to experience a certain part of their life differently.  Hypnosis gives you the resources that are already available in your brain to do this.  A clinical hypnotist taps into this ability in your brain.

Motivational hypnosis helps to program you to feel excited about the process of creating success in any area of your life or even your business.

With my unique approach to hypnosis, I will help you tap into the power of your subconscious thinking to correct your motivational attitude.  This then helps to keep you motivated and excited about working towards your success.

When you utilize hypnosis to reestablish your natural excitement about success, you will find that you naturally move towards happiness.  Happiness motivates you to do the work that you need to create the success you want. You won't have to force yourself to do anything.  You will naturally want to do something.

Motivational hypnosis improves love, money, business, health, school, weight loss, bad habits, cleanliness, procrastination, and even daily routine aspects of life.

Importance of motivation

Always trying to catch up or keep up with some external event wears on you after awhile.  It can keep you from feeling like you are in control of your life.  It also makes having happiness in all areas of your life more difficult.

If you would like to:

  • feel in control of your life.
  • increase your success in any area
  • be more motivated and have a sense of accomplishment
  • let go of what doesn't serve you
  • start living life the way you want

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What causes a lack of motivation?

Many roadblocks with motivation stem from subconscious patterns of thought. Most of these patterns were created a long time before you could have any awareness about success in a certain area of life.

Many people that suffer from low motivation have hidden, neuron pathways that are connected to self-deprivation.  While it is hard to image being attached to an empty, unfulfilled area of your life, it is actually very common.  A life filled with passion in all areas is elusive to most people.

What doesn't work with motivating yourself?

Yelling at yourself.  Belittling yourself or telling yourself to stop being lazy and do something, won't motivate you. Your brain is like a child.  Order it to do something and it will rebel!

Instead, talk to yourself with kindness.  This is something most people have a hard time doing.  Find something in the task that needs done that you would enjoy doing.  One thing accomplished makes you feel better and ready to tackle the next task.

Overwhelm and lists.  Think of a sink full of really dirty dishes.  That is enough to overwhelm someone.  For people that are easily overwhelmed, making lists of all the things that need to be done can have a similar un-motivating effect.  There is an old saying, "How do you eat an elephant?"  The answer:  One bite at a time.

In the dirty dish analogy, tell yourself that you will only need to wash the plates.  Once you wash the plates, move on to only washing the glasses.  From there, wash silverware.  You are taking a large project and breaking it down into smaller, more manageable steps.

Living to please another person.  As much as you want people around you to be happy, you also have to be living - and enjoying - your life.  Many people choose a career because that's what their parents or someone they respected said they should do.  While it sounded good at the time, it didn't inherently come from within.  That would make motivation hard.

Isn't it Time to Live Your Life?


Catastrophe Motivation

This is also called procrastination.  Many people put off doing something until the very last minute when it HAS to be done.  While some argue that they perform well under pressure, it ends up taking its toll on the brain and body as years go by.

Think of this scenario.  You have put off something important.  You're in bed when you realize you don't have any more time to put it off.  But you are in the Zero hour.  You jump up, with adrenaline pumping as your motivation, and you complete whatever needed to be done.

The heart of procrastination and catastrophe motivation is inner passivity.  You allow external circumstances to dictate your absolute actions.

Motivation that comes from within is based on being okay with responsibility and having self respect.  Hypnosis can help remove the static surrounding how you show up in life to others and to yourself.  You can be the most wonderful person in the world and still struggle with this.

When this static is cleared through hypnosis, you no longer feel like the world has control over you.  You feel the power of being in control and no longer have to wait for that external pressure to push you into action.

Deprivation Attachment

If you don't have 100% motivation for any area in life, you are suffering from an attachment to deprivation.  If you were truly motivated for love, success, weight loss, or even cleanliness, you would actually accomplish more and live in a state of fulfillment.  The majority of people are not comfortable being fulfilled because it is too unknown or unpredictable.

Chances are you have not experienced enough happiness in life.  So you don't trust the stability of it.  You trust more the chronic feelings of lack, disappointment, and even emptiness.   That is a feeling you know you can count on to keep reappearing back in your life.

Motivation leads to the unknown.  It is not only intimidating, it is overwhelming. Clients have said, "I'm not happy but it's what I have right now."  They are telling me that their situation is the "known" and familiar.  They know how to survive and act within that situation.

The unknown doesn't have to be scary.  I help my clients realize that so they can move forward and feel fulfilled.

Hypnotherapy can help you to become the person you want to be.

I work with my clients by focusing on maximizing their effectiveness in life.  Everyone wants to feel competent and effective, not overwhelmed or unappreciated.  I work out of my professional office in California. And also through my internet connection to help clients all over the world achieve success.

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