"There is a wealth of material in the patient’s unconscious that can be used in healing"

-Dr. Brian Alman

Hypnosis is quickly becoming most sought-after alternative treatments for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).  When it starts to come on, sometimes you feel helpless-- maybe beholden to antacids to for a short bout of relief. You'll find in this piece that some of the contributing factors to these stomach issues are actually mental.  Other factors that have been said to lead to this are your habits in your diet-- all of these things can be dealt with adequately with hypnosis.

Irritable bowel syndrome, according to the Mayo Clinic, is a condition that takes place in the large intestine that has a very wide range of uncomfortable side effects.   Some of these symptoms include indigestion, gas, bloating, cramping and heart burn, among others.  There is no known cure for this condition, other than a few over the counter medications that only alleviate some of the symptoms-- only to have the pain or uneasiness flare-up a short while after.

For those open minds out there, you'll find that hypnosis will not only beat the after-effects of the flare-ups, but also the things that cause it.

Case Studies Prove Hypnosis Helps

There have been clinically-proven case studies in which a subject can undergo hypnosis treatment and feel themselves becoming physically alleviated of their condition.  As the hypnotherapist guides them through the session, they begin to become more relaxed, and depending on the subject's suggestibility-- they begin to focus on their stomach unwinding and feeling better.

Another proven approach could be to focus on alleviating bad behaviors-- heavy drinking, greasy and spicy foods.  Also, practicing hypnosis for stress and anxiety reduction will help prevent frequency of IBS bouts.

Hypnosis can help ease the effects of those going through IBS, and can also help many of the underlying factors that cause this.  According to Hypnotherapy Directory, IBS affects close to one in five people in their lifetime.  It's been written in medical journals that other than dieting, anxiety and stress play a major role that leads to IBS.




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