Do you reach for food when stressed, bored or upset? Did your childhood revolve around food rewards and treats? You may not have wondered is your brain making you fat, but it just might be.

Weight and weight loss are deeply debated topics. There are as many opinions as there are answers. Some family doctors are even prescribing exercise to their patients.

While education and exercise are important to being healthy, there may be more going on than that. The fact is you may not even need to go on a diet to lose weight!

What you will learn in this article:
• How your brain affects weight
• Easy ways to use your brain to help drop weight

The Brain Connection and Weight Gain Resources:

Hypnotherapy is a popular choice for many people when it comes to weight loss or habit control. Many people have found that Hypnotherapy helps to make weight loss less of a struggle.

Self Hypnosis recordings. Yes, you can really use recordings to break habits and form healthy habits. Self-hypnosis recordings help to create good neuro pathways that can help you cope with the stressors in your life much easier. You may even find it helps you control impulses and cravings.

Can your Brain make you fat?

Stress can cause chemical changes in your body. Your body may think it is under attack and your survival mode will automatically switch on.

One of the ways your body works to survive is by increasing fat storage. In ancient times, stopping to eat could have left you vulnerable to a predator attack. If your body conserved fat, it could use your fat for energy to escape.

Think about the situation you are in. Do you feel happy, satisfied and comfortable? Or do you feel like you are under attack?

We may live in modern times but our brain will default to ancient times and the survival mechanism. It is possible to eat good food and not lose weight.

Here are some easy ways to drop fat:

Meditate. Calming and centering yourself is very important. People panic when they don’t feel like they have control over their lives. Do you feel like you have control over your life?

Watch your diet. There are certain foods that can cause depression and inflammation and other foods that will boost your mood.

Be happy. It sounds cliché. Be happy. Being happy releases happy hormones that will prevent your body from storing fat. You have to do what makes you happy. Make sure your environment is one that supports you.

Don’t neglect yourself!

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