Do you work on positive thinking and manifesting? Do you research everything you can about universal laws? Have you thought about using hypnosis to help you manifest what you want? If not, law of attraction hypnosis may be your next step.

In this article, you will learn a powerful meditation that you can use daily. When a client has a professional hypnosis session, self-hypnosis and meditations are suggested to help enhance the results.

Meditative Visualization And The Law of Attraction Hypnosis

Whether you want to become more positive, want more money, attract new opportunities, a new or better relationship or improved health, meditative visualization can help increase your results.

In the days of the Law of Attraction movie, “The Secret”, it was thought that all you had to do was think about something and it magically materialized.

However, there is more work involved than that.

The reason is that we all tend to attract:

  • Past issues or weaknesses. Consider these lessons you need to learn.
  • What or who you are
  • What you believe about yourself. This is often on a subconscious level.
  • Your fears and what you don’t want.
  • The energy you put out.

The best way to get the law of attraction to work is to harmonize the logical mind and emotional heart.

John Assaraf Law of Attraction Explanation

“It’s not enough just to have the idea, desire or the goal. It’s not enough just to write it down. Nor is it enough to have a vision board or to talk about it. What you have to understand is you have to get the conscious mind and the subconscious mind to line up in harmony with each other to create synchronicity and you have to impress it over and over again into the emotional subconscious mind so coherence is created between the two part of your brain.

You have to emotionalize the desire and goal and impress it into your subconscious mind as you take inspired action towards what you want to achieve. This way you have every part of your body, mind and soul working towards the fulfillment of your goals. This is when and how the law of attraction works as well as it can for you.” – John Assaraf

The law of attraction fails when people want something but have contrary unconscious beliefs and habits. Hypnosis has helped many people bring these aspects into alignment.  It helps to have your subconscious beliefs and actions all working towards your goal.

Approaching the law of attraction from many angles is the way to get the heart and head online together and working for you rather than against you.

Law of Attraction Meditation

As with all meditation and visualizations, make sure you are relaxed and have uninterrupted privacy.

While you may have many areas of your life you want to improve, concentrate on one area at a time until you have success.

Do you have your one area to work on?

You can start by counting from 5 down to 0. Start over at 5 every time your mind wanders. By the time you complete this exercise, your mind will be open to concentrating on the law of attraction hypnosis exercise. It will also make the exercise more effective.

Ready? Let’s begin.

Guided meditation law of attraction using self hypnosis

Imagine you are outside and there is a thick comforting fog all around you. What does the fog feel like, taste like and smell like?

You walk forward, hearing your steps. And as you approach your subject, the fog around that subject begins to lift. If your subject is money, imagine money is there. You stand in front of your subject and feel happy. Really feel this happiness.

As you are feeling this happiness, a big giant rainbow bubble begins to form around you and the subject. Think of the color of bubbles that children blow. They are an ever-changing iridescent rainbow of colors.

You feel safe.

You feel happy.

Once the bubble is completely around you and your subject, color begin to fill the bubble. They can be pastel colors or jewel toned colors. Let each color come in and fill the bubble. Whatever color wants to come in, allow it. It can be multi colors or one solid color.

What does the color feel like? Taste like? Smell like? How would you describe this color? Pay attention to how you are feeling.

Your happiness, contentment and excitement should be growing.

Once the bubble is filled, see the color or colors swirling gently around you.

When you feel you have soaked in as much of the experience as you want, the colors slowly fade and the bubble begins to fade until it is no longer there. You are left with complete calming fullness.

The fog begins to roll back in and cover your subject. You feel satisfaction and gratitude knowing that your desire has been granted in this session.

Slowly come back to normal awareness.

Success Mediations Secret

Each time you repeat this, make the subject look a little different. Allow new colors, feelings and experiences to come in. Remember, hypnosis has shown to help many people improve the sync of their heart and mind together.

In this video, celebrities talk about the Law of Attraction hypnosis. It’s very good. Especially pay attention to Will Smith's talk on the law of attraction.

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