Dating for a gay man or woman is difficult. Many feel unsafe even holding hands. To be a lesbian or feminine bisexual woman brings particular fear within the LGBTQ life. Relaxation is not a choice.

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The new stress of the LGBTQ lifestyle

The privilege of touching, kissing, or being watched by other people does not exist. Even in 2017. It is exhausting to have so many small moments stolen – all the time.

The strides that we thought were made with Obama’s legislation protecting the LGBTQ community have suddenly become blurry. When Donald Trump became president, things backtracked for the LGBTQ community.

While the legislation was still in place for same sex marriages, life became scarier. Not because of any possible legislation changes. But because of some of the people that were Trump supporters.

With Trump as head of our country, people began to feel safe in not only their hatred, but also expression of their hatred.

The scrutiny gay people are under

For the first time in awhile, people began to stare at the same gender holding hands or expressing affection for one another in public. Even in cities where same sex relationships are more common, the LGBTQ people came under scrutiny once again.

A same sex relationship is not just a relationship now. Some people now view it as a political statement.

Women are spit on for being in public with their girlfriend. Graffiti now litters the LGBTQ center in Los Angeles. Death threats frequently are posted on social media channels of the LGBTQ people, as they are becoming targeted and trolled.

What used to be silence about the LGBTQ+ lifestyle now has people freely expressing their hatred. And it is scary.

Everyone has a right to feel safe

One thing is for certain for many of the LGBTQ community; they have a hard time feeling at home in our country when it is impossible to relax.

Hypnosis won’t change the outside world. But what it does do is help to change your inside world. You can feel more safe and calm in an unpredictable and chaotic world.

Feeling calmer allows you to enjoy the little things about your relationships. These are the moments that no legal system, group or person can take away.

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