Looking for love can sometimes feel like a wild, wild jungle. For many people, dating can be more disappointing than fun. When you hit the middle age years, dating has more baggage and complications.

TL;DR: Here is a video slideshow with audio "Looking for Love in Your 40’s or 50’s?  How To Tell He’s Not The One"

You may have been married and find yourself divorced but still believe in a happily ever after. You can have it but avoiding certain situations will make your quest easier and more fun.

Here are 7 Warning signs you should pass him up

•  The crazy ex. If he says all his exes are “crazy”, know he’s not the one for you. Sit down with someone and listen to his history.

The story they tell is like a crystal ball of your probable future with him. If he blames everything on his exes, don’t expect that he will take responsibility. You will end up the bad guy.

He could also be the crazy one that stirs up drama. Do you really want that at this stage in life?

•  Is he ghosty? Ghosting is what happens when someone just disappears out of your life without a trace. If he is hard to get ahold of, dodges your questions, or cancels with you, he’s not good boyfriend material.

•  It’s all about sex. He pressures you to have sex but you aren’t sure if he actually likes you. Having sex with someone will not make them like you more; no matter how good you are.

Being used for sex can leave you feeling empty. If you want substance in life, make sure he really likes you first.

While sex is important, it doesn't make a bad relationship good.

•  Noncommittal Nathan. If he doesn’t want anything serious, but you do, it probably isn’t a good match. Everyone thinks they will be the one that is different.

Movies and romance novels lead us to believe that if we are really good to someone, they will leave their single life and never look back. Reality is different. Make sure you are at the same stage in life.

•  He’s clingy and not trusting. There is a difference between clingy and smitten. On the trusting issue, his past traumas probably run deep.

It’s not about you. It’s about him. Until he deals with the past, he will project those feelings of insecurity onto you making your relationship a roller-coaster ride.

Adult relationships are about thinking with the head as much as the heart.

•  He’s a friend’s ex. They weren’t meant to be, but maybe you two were. You have to think carefully here.

Is this worth losing a friend over and possibly having a very messy situation to deal with so early on in your relationship? Hardships strain even the strongest of relationships. It could be the kiss of death for a new one.

•  He’s not about safe sex. Remember the opening paragraph states that dating can be like a wild, wild jungle? That jungle could be teaming with STDs. STD rates have hit a record high in the USA.

If he cares about you, he will make sure protection is a priority. You don’t want to sleep with all the people he has slept with early on.

What are you worth?

You deserve a man that has your best interest at heart. Sometimes finding the right relationship means getting your own self in order. You’ve been hurt and you carry baggage too.

There is a simple way to release baggage to start each relationship you have new. Hypnosis is powerful in helping you become all that you are – before you try to find the ONE for you.

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