Myths About Moods BUSTED! 

Does music boost your mood? Can food affect your mood? Is interacting with strangers really good for you or are you better off keeping to yourself? In this article, you will learn some shocking myths about moods.

Have you ever experienced unexplained mood changes?

Did you know that your brain is affected by many normal activities? There are a lot of myths about moods that need to be busted!

With a few small tweaks to your everyday life, your mood can lift and make you feel happier once again.

What you will learn in this article:
• The myths about mood
• Easy ways to feel happy again

Myths About Moods Resources:

Hypnotherapy, in many client’s opinion, has helped them feel happier once again. Many people have found that Hypnotherapy, like mediation, is an important part of their brain health routine.

Self Hypnosis recordings. Program your brain with cds, mp3, and even video. What you surround yourself with has an impact on your brain. Make sure you are creating new, healthy neural pathways.

3 Myths About Moods To Help You Feel Happier

Myths About Moods #1: Music. Music always improves your mood. BUSTED! Music can improve your mood, but it depends on the music. In a study published by Psychological Science, music from Mozart made people happier. While music from a sad movie, like Schindler’s List made people sadder.

Myths About Moods #2: Food doesn’t affect your mood. BUSTED! Studies have shown that Olive oil, Salmon, and walnuts contain essential fatty acids that help to boost mood.

Myths About Moods #3: Interactions with strangers aren’t important. BUSTED! Not an outgoing people person? Don’t worry. A study from the University of British Columbia showed brief interactions with strangers improved mood. All it takes is a simple smile, “Hello”, and “How are you?” type of interaction.

Myths About Moods and How to Optimize Your Happiness

Sometimes it’s as simple as changing your diet, having Mozart type of music playing quietly in the background and small interactions with strangers to boost your mood.

Your life is about you. Figure out the things that fill you with joy and make sure you do at least one of those days. Invest in yourself. Don’t neglect yourself!

Make sure you turn up your sound and watch the video below for more mood-boosting foods!

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