Does your child suffer from anxiety issues, behavior problems, learning difficulties, or eating issues? Parenting a child in this day and age is difficult.  There are so many issues that children deal with that makes parents worry and increases their stress.

Pediatric Hypnotherapy Is A Solution For Many Families.

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Are you and your child struggling in any of these areas:

  • Reducing fear of pain medical procedures
  • Bedwetting
  • Thumb-sucking
  • Weight or food related issues
  • Sibling rivalry, birth of a new sibling
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Acting out
  • Dyslexia and other learning problems
  • Temper tantrums and aggression
  • Trauma
  • Tourette’s Syndrome and other motor disorders
  • Asthma and other respiratory dysfunction
  • Stuttering
  • School phobia
  • Transitions such as death of a pet or loved one, moving, divorce
  • Learning or test anxiety
  • Sports performance
  • Public speaking
  • Shyness

Children suffer more phobias and anxiety than adults

This makes hypnosis for child anxiety a great help in the healthy development of your child.  Some children outgrow fears, phobias and anxiety, while many retain these into adulthood.

Children cannot be willed out of fear, phobia or anxiety.  If your child doesn't want to go to school, he or she may have school phobia or school refusal.  This is a real disorder for children.

A child often has more phobias and fears than adults.  They also experience these more intensely than adults. Children also lack the reasoning skills that adults have so a fear has free reign in a child's imagination.  Fears often come and go for no apparent reason.  A traumatic incident does not have to occur for a child to suddenly be afraid of something.

Are you looking for child hypnosis therapy?

Everything seems so large when you are a small child.  The world is still very new and unexplored to a child. When adults teach children to be careful, they also teach them to fear many things.  Children will also pick up on fears of the mother, father or siblings and automatically fear something they have never personally experienced.

Children are prone to becoming sick easily. Illness may create a chemical change that can bring up old fears once again. This makes life a little more difficult for the child and the parent.

Child hypnosis for eating, ADHD, bedwetting potty training 

A child can experience a problem when they feel embarrassment or shame.  A blend of emotions like anger, guilt, sadness, shame, and fear can create a situation that causes a problem in your child's development. Embarrassment and shame at an 'over reaction', perhaps aggravated by the particular blending of emotions.

Most children continue to have a livable response to these feelings or it may impair their progress.  Just because an issue is livable, doesn't mean that it is not deeply affecting your child.  A low level of fear or shame can become a normal part of a child's world unless something is done to reset the child's emotional balance.

The stress from childhood issues are not just mental.  There is adrenaline and other chemicals that increase heart rate, and turns on the flight or fight system in the body.  Even though a child may not be physically experiencing something, their body is.

In today’s complex, busy world, it’s not easy to find the time and the right words to help your child deal with issues that he or she faces each day.

Children are a regular part of Susan's clientele.


How hypnosis can help children

Research on hypnosis with children suggests that a child is very open to the suggestions given by a hypnotist. In fact, they are often more hypnotizable than adults. Children live in their imaginations most of the time, which is exactly what hypnosis is. It is being in your imagination.

This means children can easily benefit from hypnosis.

There is significant research that suggests that even preschoolers are very suggestible. Because we know that children are highly open to suggestion, children often receive the fastest results when using hypnosis to clear an issue.

This does not leave headstrong teenagers out of the picture though.  Hypnosis is also very effective with adolescents, especially if they want a positive outcome.  Teens often deal with social anxiety, peer pressure, test anxiety and even food related issues and body dysmorphia.

What kind of techniques are used on children?

Hypnosis occurs naturally when listening to a story for children and teens. The hypnotic metaphor is the basis of Ericksonian hypnosis.

The hypnotic metaphor, guided imagery and storytelling are all used in child hypnotherapy very effectively. The subconscious mind can often accept an idea when presented as a story that it might otherwise reject. As we know, children learn easily from stories.  Children also love stories.

How Hypnosis Can Enhance Your Child's Ability to Learn

Learning is the process of gathering information effectively through the senses, storing it in the subconscious mind in such a way that it can be retrieved again.  Effective learning conditioning the mind to be able to retrieve this stored information.

Hypnosis is wonderful for setting up conditions in which the mind can retrieve accurate information.

Hypnosis can help a child learn more easily and quickly, while retaining information correctly.  A special technique that I use allows children to be able to access that information more reliably. This helps to also increase concentration and focus.

It is heartbreaking to hear your child declare that they are stupid or dumb.

Getting the help they need will increase their self-esteem, and self-concept, while reducing limiting beliefs.

Some developmental skills to consider for children:

  • Celebrating Individuality – Dealing with Differences
  • Interacting with Others in a Healthy Way
  • Overcoming Reluctance
  • A New Sense of Optimism
  • Sleeping Naturally
  • Learning New Things

Don’t let a small problem become a big developmental issue for your child


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