"I have had to adapt to my surroundings and develop an intricate cover for the reasons why I do things, why I have never slept over."

Trying to get your child or family member to stop wetting their bed can be a frustrating process. You can see multiple doctors and try dozens of prescription drugs only to see no change in their condition. If this scenario sounds familiar and hits close to home, perhaps you should try hypnotherapy. It's a safe and effective way to re-train the brain to stop this behavior.

Primary Nocturnal Enuresis is defined as bedwetting in children 7 years of age or older with a frequency of at least one incident per month. No matter who suffers from bedwetting, whether it's your son, daughter, spouse or sibling, it's important to tell them that they aren't alone. Bedwetting, medically called nocturnal enuresis, is a common condition, that affects millions of individuals. While we mostly associate it with young children, adults also suffer from it.

One of the most common reasons for children and individuals wetting their bed at night is simply from drinking too much fluid before they go to bed. For those suffering from nocturnal enuresis, it's recommended that you refrain from drinking any liquids for at least 2 hours before bedtime, as this will help keep your bladder empty during the night. When your bladder is empty, there will be no urine to expel from your body.

This may sound like a long shot, but many families have had success curing their bedwetting problems by visiting a chiropractor. During certain growth spurts, bones in your body can pinch the nerves, causing you to experience nocturnal enuresis. If a chiropractor is able to correct these bones, they probably will likely disappear.

For adults suffering from primary nocturnal enuresis, the cause could be related to certain prescription medications. If you've experienced bedwetting after taking a medication, then you should consult your doctor and ask them if it's okay to stop taking it. Tell them you believe it may be causing you to experience nocturnal enuresis and you want to stop taking it. Depending on what medication it is and your condition, they should give you the green light to go ahead and stop taking it.

Sometimes excessive caffeine or alcohol intake could be the root cause of bedwetting as well. Keep an eye on what you or the individual experiencing this problem is drinking throughout the day and try to avoid such substances. There are many cases of people eliminating caffeine or alcohol from their diet and noticing their nocturnal enuresis completely disappear.

Hypnotherapy can be used to train the brain on a subconscious level to stop Primary Nocturnal Enuresis. Several studies have found that patients with PNE who undergo hypnotherapy overcome this condition faster than other treatment methods.

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