How To Protect Your Health From Blue Light

Did you know that there is an insidious, silent, mental and physical health destroyer, and it is around you all the time? Do you find that you are becoming more depressed over the past few years? Did you know that your electronics could be harming you? There are ways to protect your health from blue light.

We love technology. But there is a price that we all pay for having convenience at our fingertips. After spending a lot of time on electronics, you may feel exhausted, depressed and even a little anxious.

You may even find yourself a little more aggressive... or quick tempered.

Sadly enough, as technology grows, the mental health considerations are not being taken into consideration enough. Because of the nature of communication through cell phones, wearable technology, computers and tablets we are swimming in the technology soup.

The biggest concern is the blue light technology that electronics include.

What you will learn in this article:

  • Helpful resources for protecting your mental health.
  • How blue light syndrome affects depression and your mental health and what you can do about it.

Ways To Protect Your Health From Blue Light

Blue light is pretty. It also makes words easier to read and images pop off the screen. Blue light is helpful during the day but can cause physical and mental stress at night. The blue light has shown to throw off your biological clock.

Blue Light Helpful Resources:

• Blue light blocking glasses. There are glasses engineered to block the blue light. This helps to improve melatonin, which can improve sleep and reduce excess stress on the body. Use them, especially at night, to help reduce the negative effects of blue light. You can from Amazon.

• Hypnotherapy. There are several ways to address how you cope with stress. Hypnotherapy can help you develop healthy patterns and behaviors that can reduce the impact stress has on your life.

How To Protect Your Mental Health From Blue Light

Blue light suppresses melatonin. Not only does blue light suppress melatonin, it shifts your circadian rhythm. Your circadian rhythm is related to your wake sleep cycle.

A big component of good mental health is a stable and healthy circadian rhythm.

Did you know that 80% of people with depression or chronic sadness have poor quality of sleep? If you have depression or chronic sadness, you may benefit from the inexpensive, blue light block glasses that I recommended in the resource section.

What You Can Do To Prevent Blue Light Syndrome

There is an app for your computer called f.lux. It adds a yellow filter to your computer screen to block the harmful blue light. Cell phones usually have a nighttime feature which adds an amber filter to your screen. Make sure you have this set.

Try to avoid looking at computers and cell phones at night. If you do, wear your blue blocking glasses.

In this article, I wrote about how to use hypnosis to get deep sleep.  Combing reducing night time blue light with deep sleep hypnosis may give you the best sleep ever.

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