"Those who have never known the deep intimacy and the intense companionship of mutual love have missed the best thing that life has to give."

– Bertrand Russell

Lost intimacy is one of the most common reasons for failed relationships. When that burning flame that once made you attracted to your partner is no longer there, it's next-to-impossible to sustain a healthy relationships. The two of you may slowly grow apart, expressing negative emotions like resentment, anger and frustration in the process. So, what can you do to rekindle the intimacy in your relationship?

Give Your Partner Attention

When was the last time that you gave your partner your complete and undivided attention? According to an article published by researchers from the University of Las Vegas, Nevada (UNLV), neglect is a common cause of lost intimacy in relationships. It's easy to fall into a routine where you wake up, go to work, and then come home to wash television for the remainder of the day, repeating the cycle the following day. If this sounds like a familiar scenario, take a step back to reevaluate your daily routine, making it a point to focus strictly on your partner and his or her needs for a portion of the day.

Show Your Love, Don't Just Say it

Anyone can say those four letters, but it's your actions that really reveal whether or not you love someone. So instead of just telling your partner that you love them, show them through your actions. Surprising your partner with a home-cooked meal, for instance, is a simple way to express your love. If you know your partner likes a particular food or dish, perhaps you can leave work early one day to create a surprise at-home dinner date.

Build Trust

Trust and intimacy go hand-in-hand. If you and your partner don't trust each other, the two of you will face an uphill battle trying to sustain a healthy relationship. Don't be afraid to express your emotions and feelings to your partner, as this encourages him or her to do the same. Keeping secrets will lead you down a sure-fire path to lost intimacy and ultimately a failed relationship. Trust isn't achieved overnight, but as long as the two of you are committed to making the relationship succeed, key elements like trust and intimacy will emerge.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes all it takes to rekindle lost intimacy in a relationship is a change of scenery. If it's been a while since the two of you have a taken a vacation, then perhaps it's time for a short getaway to the beach or the mountains. Taking a vacation will place the two of you outside of your comfort zones, in which case you'll naturally feel a stronger attraction to each other. It doesn't have to be a complete week-long trip, rather just two-to-three-day getaway will suffice. Just remember to focus your attention on your partner and the relationship that you have with him or her during this time.

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