"There was a time when a fool and his money were soon parted, but now it happens to everybody."

~~Adlai E. Stevenson

While there are some medical conditions that require the immediate assistance of a highly trained doctor, there are others that may respond better to alternative treatments.

If you are concerned about a potentially deadly problem like cancer or heart disease, a trip to your family doctor, a specialist, or even the emergency room, is definitely in order.

But if you are dealing with less immediate issues like stress and anxiety, you may want to consider hypnosis as an alternative to traditional medical intervention.

For many people, hypnosis can be remarkably effective at reducing overall stress levels and getting the mind and body back on an even keel. If you have never considered hypnosis before, it can be worthwhile to give this alternative therapy a try.

Not everyone responds positively to hypnosis, but many patients report a marked reduction in their stress levels after just a few sessions.

From a health-care perspective, covering hypnotherapy can make a lot of financial sense. Compared to drugs and medications, hypnotherapy can be quite cost-effective and just as powerful. Including coverage for hypnosis in your company-sponsored health insurance can actually save you money in the long run.

There are many reasons that hypnosis can be a powerful way to control stress and anxiety, and just as many reasons health insurance companies should include coverage for hypnotherapy in their schedule of benefits.

Medical practitioners can use hypnotherapy as a first-line approach for their patients with stress-related symptoms and anxiety attacks.

Patients who respond positively can continue their therapy sessions until their issues resolved, and that can result in significant savings compared to the cost of traditional pharmaceutical medications, many of which must be taken for a lifetime.

That lower cost can mean better care for other patients, and higher profits for shareholders.

Patients who do not respond well to hypnotherapy can still take advantage of traditional approaches to stress and anxiety, with the necessary medications covered by the same insurance plan. Quality insurance plans should include coverage for a wide variety of treatments, from traditional medicine to alternative approaches like hypnotherapy.

Far from costing more, that combination approach can actually save money for both workers and the employers who purchase their health insurance coverage."


I hope you enjoyed this wonderful article by beconrad.  If you find that you are suffering from any medical condition that either originates from stress or is made worse by stress, consider hypnotherapy as an adjunct to medical treatment.

 Research shows again and again that stress reduction makes healing and general good health so much easier to attain.

Do yourself a favor.  Consider hypnosis along with the traditional medical treatment offered.  There are zero side effects from using hypnosis.  All hypnosis can do is make your treatment time shorter AND more effective.

If you're curious, please feel free to arrange a free consultation with me.  I'm happy to answer all of your questions with absolutely no obligation.  All questions are welcomed.