Are starvation diets bad? This is a hotly debated topic by physicians, healthcare professionals and the average person.

Have you ever gone on a starvation diet? How did you feel? Would you do it again?

Some researchers say that starvation diets are the key to longevity. But others say they are dangerous and can damage your metabolic system and even cause death.

What you will learn in this article:

  • The most controversial starvation diets
  • The pros and cons of restriction diets
  • Research on starvation diets

A starvation diet is one that restricts food intake. I remember a man that taught people to cure illness through dietary restriction said that you can take anything away from man and it will be okay. But if you take away his food, he will kill you for it.

Food is a main part of our society. It is our comfort. And our security. It is scary to not have enough to eat.

The most controversial starvation diets

The most controversial starvation diets are fasting and even dry fasting. Fasting is where you go for a period of time without food. Dry fasting is where you go for a period of time without food or water.

People always say that if you fast, you will gain the weight back PLUS more. And that is true…for many people.

Many people use fasting as a tool for weight loss, but they do not address their underlying addiction to food or eating habits. So when they resume eating, their old patterns come back and they gain weight.

When you put the body into starvation mode, it doesn’t trust that it will always have food. Your body then begins to store food as fat in case of a famine. This is why you often hear people that promote fasting say that it should not be used as a weight loss tool. More goes into having a healthy weight than just shedding fat.

In order to keep weight off, you relationship with food and your habits need to change. That is where professional help from a healthcare advisor or even a hypnotherapist comes in.

However, there has been a lot of documentation on the benefits of calorie restriction and even fasting.

The pros and cons of restriction diets

  • Pros: Fast weight loss.
  • Cons: Could lead to more weight gain and cause a larger problem like metabolic or organ damage.
  • Pros: Mental clarity.
  • Cons: Tired and sometimes unable to get out of bed. Nausea, fainting, and racing heart are common side effects.
  • Pros: Has cured many people from maladies.
  • Cons: If done incorrectly or unsupervised, people have died.
  • Pros: In short term fasting, nutritional deficiencies are not found.
  • Cons: Long term fasting can turn into malnutrition and cause other health problems.
  • Pros: Overall weight reduction.
  • Cons: Loss of muscle mass as your body begins to cannibalize what it does not see as necessary for survival.
  • Pros: Longevity is increased.
  • Cons: Malnutrition causes a decrease in life span.
  • Pros: Looking good in clothes.
  • Cons: Maybe we need to question the standard of beauty. Health should be a priority not a number on a clothing store rack.

What is your opinion?

There is a big difference in the actions of the body between planned fasting and forced fasting. In the planned fasting link, you can download the research pdf that discusses the difference between these two.

There is also a fine line between undernutrition and malnutrition. In many forums, many fasters admit to having eating disorders. Are people that have eating disorders drawn to fasting or does fasting create eating disorders?

As the average person, we do not have a lot of education on our body and how it functions. Do you think you can tell when undernutrition turns to malnutrition?

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