Are you one of the millions of people who feel helpless about your panic attacks? Did you also know that there are steps to take when having a panic attack that will help calm you right away?

This article was written to help you deal with your panic attacks. Something only works if you use it. These tips are no different. Many people have found that when they take steps to reduce their panic attacks, their life feels much more free.

#1 Steps To Take When Having A Panic Attack

Helpful Resources. These resources are popular with people that suffer from panic attacks. People report how effective these resources are in managing their panic attacks.

  • Hypnosis. Hypnosis helps to create healthy reactions in regards to stressful situations. This includes perceived situations that happen with panic attacks.
  • Hypnosis Recordings. Panic attack and relaxation self-help recordings can help to keep anxiety and panic attacks at bay. Do not use while driving.

#2 Steps To Take When Having A Panic Attack

Deep breathing, also known as belly breathing, can help program your body for relaxation. It’s important to not only to practice deep breathing during times of stress, but also throughout the day. You want relaxation to be your normal state.

With your finger next to your nose, plug one nostril and breathe deeply in through your other nostril. Make your tummy expand out as far as possible.

Switch sides and plug the other nostril while releasing all the breath out the other nostril. Repeat this 9 times.

#3 Steps To Take When Having A Panic Attack

It is important to disempowering your panic attack. Remind yourself that a panic attack is a reaction to a perceived threat but not a real event. While the sensations are real, know they are just a reaction to a perceived threat.

Brain scans of someone who suffers from panic attacks show that more have active fight or flight areas of the brain than non-sufferers.

Remind yourself that you are a pro at dealing with panic attacks. You know they aren’t fun but you also know what to expect from them. You have the power to overcome those feelings.

Say this to yourself while looking into a mirror. Sound funny? It works. It’s called the mirror technique.

Even though you may feel helpless during panic attacks, don’t lose hope. Hypnosis can help you improve your mindset and manage your stress.

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