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"Susan gave me excellent tips on my golf game, as well as helped me overcome insomnia. I'm sinkin those birdies all the time now. THANKS SUSAN!!!! YOU DA BOMB!"*
-American C. Los Angeles, CA

"My life was going through a difficult stage a couple of years ago. I was fired from my graduate job which ended my career. I was at a low point and was regularly taking drugs to deal with the problem. I decided I had to do something. I did a web search for therapists and came across Susan's website. I live in the U.K. and contacted Susan regarding phone hypnosis sessions. We exchanged a few emails and I had my first session. I was anxious at first because I didn't know what to expect but Susan put me at ease immediately. She was very professional, was non-judgemental and was world-wise which was a key factor for me. She was not phased by my drug use and was able to offer great guidance outside of the hypnotic state to identifying the best way and organisations to contact to deal with what had become an addiction. In hypnosis, she helped me view my career loss as an opportunity to move forward which I have now done.
I am very thankful to her."*
-Cindy V., Edinburgh, United Kingdom

"I sought hypnotherapy with Susan for severe panic attacks and difficulty sleeping.  By the time I called her, I was no longer able to work and had just applied for disability insurance.  I noticed a big difference after my first session and can happily say that I am now back to work, feeling calm, confident and in control.  I can't express my gratitude.  She's a very special therapist."*
-David Z. - Torrance, CA

"Before beginning session work with Susan French, my anxiety disorder had paralyzed me with fear, robbing me of my ability to function. Insomnia had robbed me of my strength and I could no longer run (one of my biggest passions). Through Susan's open, compassionate approach to therapy and her expertise in the field of hypnosis, I've regained my life. My personal preference was to avoid any type of medication, and because of Susan's help, I have been successful in that. I now sleep through the night, am back to running 50+ miles a month and I'm working on writing my second novel. I feel more like my old self and I've learned how to confront stressful situations instead of hide from them. I have the confidence now, that no matter what life throws at me, I can breathe my way through it and it too shall pass. Susan has given me to the tools to re-enter a fully functional life. I move through my day unafraid.... And while I still have my back sets and bad days (don't we all?) I now find myself finding practical, logical solutions to cope with my stress, instead of succumbing to the fear and anxiety I once was a servant to. I can't thank Susan French enough. If you are ready to change your life and get the help you need, Susan French is waiting in the wings to carry you forward."*
-Aimee Conner

"I had an hour long session with Susan and was honestly not a believer to begin with, but a friend of mine happened to suggest it since i have panic attacks and severe anxiety. Within a few minutes I drifted away. Her voice is soothing and I would recommend her to anyone. I woke up at peace when in fact I was a bundle of nerves at the beginning of the session. She genuinely cares about her clients and it's clearly not just a business."*
-Shameela J.

"I have turned to Susan many times over the years for both life coaching and hypnotherapy for motivation. Each time I saw her, she was able to pinpoint where I was stuck and move me quickly to a resolution. I've learned a lot about myself and how my mind can be a powerful help or a powerful hindrance. She has a gentle wisdom that allows me to laugh at my humanness and then easily rise above my own limited thinking. She has helped me with public speaking and to overcome my natural social shyness. I'm so glad that she's just a phone call away when I need some insight or just a little boost."*
-Robert S

"Before beginning session work with Susan French, my anxiety disorder had paralyzed me with fear, robbing me of my ability to function. Insomnia had robbed me of my strength and I could no longer run (one of my biggest passions). Through Susan's open, compassionate approach to therapy and her expertise in the field of hypnosis, I've regained my life. My personal preference was to avoid any type of medication, and because of Susan's help, I have been successful in that. I now sleep through the night, am back to running 50 miles a month and I'm working on writing my second novel. My anxiety will never leave me completely, but Susan has given me many invaluable tools in which to manage that anxiety and not allow it to rule my life. She has forever changed my life and I cannot thank her enough. My husband, close friends and animal companions thank her too. :-)"*
-Aimee Y.

"Susan French is amazing!! She is kind-hearted, knowledgeable, patient, and professional! I started my sessions with her about a year ago. She always worked around my crazy hectic schedule and always made me feel uplifted after every session. With her help, I have tackled some underlying issues that I have had AND now I am finally sleeping after many years of sleepless nights. Her hypnotherapy also has helped me at work. I'm less stressed than I ever have been. And not only have my friends and family noticed, but also my colleagues have seen a wonderful difference. She is AMAZING!! She is a true blessing in my life!"*
-Vicky R. Los Angeles, CA

"Susan French rocks !  Like most of us I felt discontent but didn't know what to do about it. But Susan did. I can't begin to express the  " happiness freedom"  I now feel. She got to the bottom of my "issues"  and opened my eyes to my own possibilities. Not only is Susan very good at what she does, but she does it with such compassion and wisdom I knew I was in good hands.  Her patient, knowledgable, caring approach is just what I needed to get my life back in focus. Every now and then you meet someone that makes a difference in your life. I am so glad I found Susan."*
-Fran S. Los Angeles, CA

"I had come to see Susan in a state of almost complete immobilization.  I had severe chronic insomnia, depression and chronic back pain.  It was hard for me to even get enough energy to make the appointment but I had no choice. I'm a working mother, an RN.  I'd had a lot of therapy and seen all the right MD's but nothing was working enough to get me back on my feet and back to work.  I was taking some medication, which I didn't like to take, and following as much of the medical advice I could manage. I had read about hypnotherapy and was ready to try anything.  I was really in a dark place. The first thing that Susan was able to restore for me was my ability to sleep. Within the first 2 sessions I was getting to sleep and beginning to sleep through the night.  If I woke up, I could get right back to sleep. My energy improved as my sleep deprivation diminished and my depression started to ease.  She was then able to relieve the back pain that had followed a series of car accidents. As each issue resolved, the others resolved as well.  I can't thank her enough. She's an amazing hypnosis clinician. I can't recommend her highly enough. If you're suffering and nothing is helping, do yourself a favor and call Susan. She helps many who have been failed by the traditional medical system. Call her.  You'll be glad that you did."*
-Lisa S. Los Angeles, CA

"I developed excruciating panic attacks in 2007 and they got worse and worse.  By the time I got to Susan's office I could barely walk. I was shaking, sweating and felt like was going to have a heart attack.  I had seen different MDs, including a psychiatrist but nothing helped.  The medicine made me like a zombie.  I couldn't function. I couldn't eat.  I couldn't sleep. I could barely leave the house and never alone.  I was sure I was dying. A friend suggested that I go to see Ms. French for hypnotherapy.  I was hesitant but desperate. She explained what was going on in my brain and my body and was able to teach me how to ward off an attack in the first session. She was so reassuring and gentle that I began to relax.  It wasn't long until I was beginning to breathe more easily and calm down. The shaking and sweating was gone before I knew it.  I had my life back. I can sleep, eat, go out with friends.  I've even gone on a couple of cruises since then. She gave me back my life.  I am forever in her debt.*
-Phyllis C. Los Angeles, CA

"What can I say.....Susan is simply amazing. I've been seeing Susan for roughly a year, and my life has completely changed with her help. I originally started seeing her for work related anxiety, but throughout the year we addressed so many other areas of my life. Sessions with her don't feel like therapy. It feels more like I'm talking to a lifelong friend. Just amazing!"*
-Chris LeBreton

"Fear of Flying? I wish it were that easy! I was absolutely terrified to fly. A 30-minute phone call changed my life. Normally I would find excuses why I could not go on business trips. This April however a series of trips became necessary because of problems in our Ohio facility and I was the only one with the expertise to handle the situation. I panicked and almost quit my job of 35 years. I am extremely sensitive to alcohol and tranquilizers so I could find no help there.I am a skeptic about the benefits of hypnosis, but I had nothing to lose. So I called Susan and she 'talked' me through my irrational fear in a 30 minute phone call. She knew exactly what to say and she has a beautiful, calming voice that touched my soul. I will never forget that call - I flew several days later and was fear free. It was wonderful and I have made 5 more flights without incident. I traded my fear of flying demon for a guardian angel name Susan."*
-Robert C, Van Nuys, CA

"Very understanding with deep insight into causes of my depression and frustration. She is able to help me pull myself through those periods in my life. I go to her anytime I feel I need help and when we are done, I always feel relieved."*
-Steve S

"Susan French has been such a big help to me. She's an excellent therapist and hypnosis is very powerful She helped me weave through my problems helped me find workable solutions."*

Special Hypnosis Cases

Quit Smoking Hypnosis Success

“Thanks so much. I’ve been trying to quit smoking for 12 years and now I am a HAPPY NONSMOKER.” I lost the desire to smoke—it was so easy.”*
-G. Taylor, Minneapolis, MN

Lose Weight Hypnosis Results

“I was desperate about my weight. It kept climbing and climbing, especially after the birth of my two children. With Susan’s help, I discovered the emotional reasons that I over-ate. A good strategy plus hypnosis made it easy. I have now lost 55 pounds.”*
-B. Curley, Van Nuys, CA

Hypnosis for Public Speaking Success

“I was so terrified to get up in front of a group of people to speak that it was holding me back in my job. Hypnotherapy was a godsend.”*
-T. Jacobsen, Palo Alto, CA

Pregnancy: Alcohol and Medication Elimination Hypnosis Worked

“When I become pregnant, I had to stop smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking pain medication for a back injury. I didn’t know how I was going to manage. My mood swings and fatigue were almost unbearable. With the help of clinical hypnosis, I was able to stop smoking and drinking and manage my pain. And, it reduced the need for medication during labor and delivery. I’m so grateful”.*
-J. Baker, Midlands, UK

Hypnosis Help for Child with ADD

“My 12-year old was diagnosed with ADD and things at home were a nightmare. Hypnotherapy helped my son to calm down in school and at home. He’s doing well at school and we are able to use less medication.”*
-C. Sheldon, Camden, NJ

Hypnosis for Insomnia

“I have terrible insomnia when I travel which I do a lot. I can call Susan from anywhere in the world and have a calming session whenever I need it. I sleep like a baby no matter where I am, even on the plane. Thanks.”*
-G. Torelli, Albany, NY

Hypnosis to Help Cancer Treatment Side Effects

“During my bout with breast cancer Susan helped to alleviate the nausea as well as the pain and fatigue from the chemotherapy as well as the achiness and fatigue. We also had several sessions that helped me adjust to it all and come out the other side healthy and happy. Thank you so much, Susan.”*
-C. Randall, Victoria, BC

Hypnosis for Hypertension

“My blood pressure was uncontrollable as was my diabetes. Nothing seemed to help. The hypnosis and the therapy I did with Susan brought both under control and helped me to see how my own attitude and actions could be my own worst enemy. I’ve lost twenty five pounds and I walk religiously and happily.”*
-W. Arrington, Atlanta, GA

Hypnosis to Relieve Painful Medical Procedures

“I was faced with a number of breast biopsies and subsequent surgeries. My hypnotherapy sessions with Susan rendered the biopsies painless and reduced a significant amount of anxiety for me. I had sessions before each surgery, making me much calmer and allowing me to be comfortable with far less medication. It was truly a blessing to have Susan’s help and the miracle of hypnotherapy."*
-K. -Bernstein, Wilmington, DE

Hypnosis to Stop Road Rage and Anger Management

“My wife threatened to leave me if I didn’t get help for my out-of-control temper and refused to ride in the car if I was driving. I was outraged, of course, but with the help of hypnotherapy and Susan’s compassionate good sense, my temper tantrums are under control.”*
-C. Goodman, Los Angeles, CA

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