About Susan French

“When you are my client, I am actively engaged and invested in your success.
When you are my client, your success is my success.”


How Susan French Can Help You

She has been in private practice as a clinical hypnotherapist and  life coach for 15 years. She has been an educator for 45 years. Twenty-five of those were spent as a music teacher (singing) and thirty-five of those years were also in the counseling and coaching fields.


Her background has provided her with the knowledge and experience to help clients achieve their specific goals in a wide variety of issues.

She specializes in treatment of anxiety, especially Panic Disorder and PTSD, treatment of emotional and physical trauma.  She has received specialized training in treatment of panic attacks, general anxiety disorder and PTSD from Hypnosis Motivation Institute, National Guild of Hypnotists and the Rewind Technique to Eliminate Phobia and PTSD from excellent Uncommon Knowledge Hypnosis Instructors in the United Kingdom.

She also specializes in the reduction of chronic pain and all pain management issues.  Many patients and physicians want to moderate or eliminate opiate medication when possible.  Hypnosis is recognized by the medical community as a wonderful adjunct to traditional medical treatment.

Hypnosis can be used with or without pain medication, surgery or other pain management treatments.  Hypnosis for pain management has given so many patients their lives back.

She has received training and certifications in pain management from Ron Eslinger, an RN anesthetist/hypnotherapy clinician and National Guild of Hypnotists Instructor, from Hypnosis Motivation Institute, and the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Recovery Success

She has been a substance abuse counselor and sponsor for thirty years several different 12-step programs, including AA, OA, and CODA (Co-Dependents Anonymous).

She, herself, has achieved over 30 years of sobriety using 12-Step approach and is very familiar with this modality.  She has sponsored many to sobriety using 12-step protocol however she also uses other techniques as requested by the client, including Smart Recovery method.

To date, AA  has the highest statistical rate of recovery that we know of, but it is not the only good method. She  uses the principles the Smart Recovery System and others non-12-step programs as requested.

It is through these experiences that she has an intimate knowledge of addictive behavior, which she bring into sessions for smoking cessation, weight management and eating disorders, as well as the addiction or over-use of prescription medications. As stated, she herself has been sober, clean and abstinent for over thirty years.

Test Taking Anxiety

She loves helping  students (adults and adolescents) to prepare for the rigorous testing for licensing and certifications such as for admission to the Bar, NClex (nursing), Court Reporting, and highly competitive academic testing such as the SAT’s and PSAT’s and others.

She uses a wide variety of hypnotic protocols, *NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and personal life coaching techniques to help  clients achieve their goals easily.

Referrals from other hypnotic professionals

She regularly receives referrals from medical, dental, other therapeutic professionals, as well as from clients who have been able to pass those difficult academic or licensing exams, from those who have been able to resume life after debilitating panic dysfunction or chronic pain, as well from as those who have been able to quit smoking or who have lost weight easily.

The issues in which hypnotherapy can be of such great benefit are too numerous to mention here, but you can see more specifics by visiting the Directory of Solutions Using Hypnosis .

Education, Certifications, and Experience

  • She trained in hypnotherapy at the well-known and highly respected Hypnosis Motivation Institute, in Tarzana, California. She graduated with honors. The HMI training takes a full year and includes 60 hours of supervised residency. It is the only nationally accredited hypnotherapy school in the United States.
  • She has a BA in Psychology and an MA in Counseling Psychology, having studied at Long Beach State College and Ryokan College in Los Angeles.
  • She has been a substance abuse counselor and sponsor for many years in several different 12-step programs.
  • She has specialty hypnotherapy certifications in Pain Management, Anxiety/Panic Disorder, PTSD and other trauma (past and acute), Children’s Issues, Medical Hypnotherapy, Weight Management and Eating Disorders, Cancer and Cancer Treatment Issues, Assertiveness Training, Anger Management, and Communication in Relationships

Other Things To Know:

Additionally, she is a speaker and a writer because she want to share her knowledge and experience with people beyond one-on-one clients.  If you are interested in information about all problems that can be resolved using hypnosis, please sign-up to receive hypnosis emails.

The huge, clinically proven benefits of hypnotherapy are just being discovered, and more is discovered every day.

This is especially true as we learn more about the brain through neuroscience. Medical researchers are showing us through various testing procedures exactly how hypnosis actually works in the brain to effect these almost miraculous changes.

Most of her writing about hypnotherapy can be found in her extensive hypnosis blog as well as other articles around the internet and a variety of publications.

She maintains a higher standard of continuing education than is required for my yearly recertification with the National Guild of Hypnotists and the American Hypnosis Association.

It has been said that she has an incisive ability to identify core issues as well as to reframe them with sensitivity and compassion in ways that will circumvent fear, defensiveness and resistance. She has  an encouraging nature and a Let’s-Do-It attitude that has inspired and motivated others just like you.

She is dedicated to seeing her clients achieve their goals and dreams. She makes herself available while you are working together and afterwards. Many clients stay in touch and let her know of their successes as they progress through life.

She has often said: "Nothing warms my heart more than hearing a client say: “Wow. I’m not sure how you did that but it just WORKED.” Even when they also say, occasionally, “I wasn’t even sure that I was in hypnosis.” She assures them that hypnosis is a relaxed state and not a state where loss of consciousness happens.

Confidentiality is assured by law and by practice.
Results vary.

*NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). The language of your mind and brain. NLP teaches us how we learn neurologically, making habit changing and new learning happen much more quickly and completely.