Video Game Therapy For Mental Health

Have you ever played video games? You may have played online games like the popular candy crush.  Or you may even be old enough to remember Pong and Atari. Did you know that these games could be rewiring your brain? Video game therapy for mental health has been created to help rewire brains.

Research has been conducted on both the negative effects and the positive effects of gaming.

The research first came out showing the connection between obesity, ADHD and violence in game players. But a small study may have shown an interesting connection as to why gaming is harmful.

What you will learn in this article:

  • How games affect the brain both good and bad
  • Proven games that provide video gamer therapy for mental health

Video Game Therapy For Mental Health Helpful Resources:

Online games promoting brain health are now available, but not as easy to find.

•  Stall catchers - a game that helps promote brain health research.

•  Second Life is a community of people that develop their virtual world. Universities are getting in on the action and creating games that are geared towards improving the health of your brain. Whole-brain health on Inspiration Island is one such game.

•  There are many apps devoted to healthy brains. While they won’t hurt, the research behind them is not as solid as we would like yet. Most may be more hype than a benefit so make sure you read the reviews. I’d love to hear if you’ve used any that you feel work well.

•  Hypnotherapy. There is nothing better to help you adopt healthier brain habits and emotions. Hypnotherapy can help you develop healthy patterns and reduce unhealthy habits.

Before Video Game Therapy For Mental Health

A small study, which measured the brains of gamers, found that people who game tend to have a larger and more active striatum part of the brain. This part of the brain is responsible for stimulus, response, and reward.

It also showed that the hippocampus shrunk. This is linked to the risk of neurological disorders and Alzheimer’s.

Positive Video Game Therapy For Mental Health

The therapeutic effects of games have been researched on ADHD, anxiety, autism, and even Alzheimer’s. Games are being created to change the underlying attitude, behavior, and emotional responses of people.

Video games are not going to go away.   While candy crush and Atari won’t improve your brain health, more brain-enhancing video games are being developed.

I applaud the researchers that worked with game developers to use the new technologies to promote brain health.  We will see more games hitting the market in the coming years.

I specialize in panic attack relief and helping to build healthy habits, which can create healthy brains.  If you live in the LA area, I have appointments available in my professional Tarzana office.

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