Have you ever tried to set goals and wondered why goal setting is not working for you? You may listen to successful people that say goal setting is a key to their success.

But what makes goal setting work for some people but not others?

Facts About Why Goal Setting Is Not Working For You

•  Creating too many unrelated goals
•  Making the goals about attaining something rather than the feeling of having achieved something.
•  Goals too big your brain can’t believe them.
•  No action plan to carry out goals
•  Goals that are too long term

We are at that time of year that New Year’s Resolutions have been made. The problem is that they are made to be broken because you need a foundation for personal goal setting.

How To Define Goals

Creating too many unrelated goals

If you want to make more money but also want to lose weight, your brain becomes confused as to what to do. Confusion always causes non-action.

If you are going to set more than one goal, make sure they are related. For example, You set a goal to make more money and your next goal could be starting a side business.

Making the goals about emotion instead of things

For example, you have a goal of earning a degree. However, your degree will often bring you more stress. You now worry about finding a job. You may worry about finding a job that actually pays you well. And what about the student loans you now have to pay back?

Goal setting should be about emotion. What do you want to feel? If you achieve a higher education degree, how and what feeling are you looking for? Do you want freedom? How about respect?

Goals too big your brain can’t believe them

You cannot instantly believe that you will be a millionaire when you are worried about paying $1000 rent. It is too far of a leap from where you currently are.

If you are an entrepreneur, make a goal of making your first $1. That first $1 will be the hardest amount you will ever have to make. Start small so your brain can believe it. It will then start setting your goal in action.

Have an action plan to carry out a goal 

People often have a goal of having a new, expensive car. What they don’t figure in is the upkeep of a car. How about premium gas? Or the insurance? Once you have the car, how do you plan on taking care of it? Create all of this with your goal.

Goals set too far in the future

We are a fast-food society. We like to have everything now and we don’t like to wait. Traffic irritates us. So does waiting in line. Let’s not mention waiting on hold when calling a company. Your brain is the same way.

Set short-term goals that you don’t have to wait long for. Try to set 30-day goals. Keep a goal-setting worksheet.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
-Albert Einstein

Now you know why goal setting is not working!

This is the formula for you to follow that will lead you to goal-setting success. Instead of feeling shame or guilt over your New Year’s Resolutions, set goals instead.

Also, reflect on what didn’t work last year. Using this list, how can you make it work this year?

If you didn’t get to where you wanted last year, how can you get there this year? What action steps can you take? Can you break these goals down into monthly actions?

BTW, did you know that hypnotherapy could help your brain become more in alignment with your goals?

Here's Bob Proctor on setting goals.  Happy New Year!

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